Strictly enforced whims

C’mon, give it a chance.  She wore the red dress for you, after all.




Don’t get the wrong idea: they take bullying very seriously.  All the girls get three bullying classes every week (as do the boys and the male teachers, albeit in a different way), and most of them are in the after-school club too.  They’re regional champions.



Actually, I’d have been able to tell Kurt was here even it wasn’t for the loud grunting noises – who else leaves a bag of dirty laundry waiting for me in the hall? One day, he’s going to go too far and he and I are going to have to have words.  But not today: he’s a bit busy and that dinner won’t make itself.


Oh well, so much for that day out.



This could turn into a vicious spiral.




0 thoughts on “Strictly enforced whims”

  1. I know what will happen. After I have made a proper meal for three AND put Kurt's washing in the machine AND picked up all that lingerie they have spread around they will take a couple of mouthfuls of the starter, ignore me, look at each other, giggle and say "Let's go back upstairs". And they took the wine bottle with them too. It's a thankless task being a sissy – but doesn't my lady have the most gorgeous wonderful legs.

  2. She does have gorgeous wonderful legs and that's really all that matters, don't you think? Silly to get hung-up on all the other stuff.

    Best wishes


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