Sexed down

Another hard day supervising.
Sounds like she’s got it all worked out… if only she was this diligent when doing her maths homework she’d be top of the class without having to blackmail the teacher. Oh well, I suppose there are careers to which her talents will be suited.
I thought my moment had come.
As a woman, she’s good at multitasking, so it’s just as well she has such an adaptable tool. I mean the whip, not you.
Best not to press the matter. It’s really none of your business.
Obviously, that doesn’t mean that a client who just gave the consent form a cursory glance and signed it without reading through carefully, would necessarily get the chainsaw.

Faith, hope and chastity

Wow – Kurt’s just the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t he? For next year she’ll probably change the system so it’s the average number of fucks she gets a night that’s your annual limit, rather than the maximum, but for now I guess you get to let yourself go! Or rather, she gets to let you let yourself go.
They’re not the first. Many visitors to the OWK castle reported hearing the rattling of chains and far-off moaning.
Males who were bullies at school usually fail miserably in the workplace, which can be cheering for their victims who end up pursuing successful careers. Female bullies, on the other hand, have the option of a very highly paid career (at least on an hourly rate basis), should they choose to follow it. Or she could be a historian – I mean, her take on Henry VIII is fresh and seems to convey an important truth about the world.
She should have it put it away in a cupboard before someone gets hurt. No where’s that lazy husband of hers, just when he could make himself useful? Oh. Oh yes.
Annoyingly the show cut to a commercial break immediately after this comment and when it returned David, although somewhat red-faced and out of breath, was much more polite. I’ve made enquiries about whether the cameras kept rolling during the break and whether footage exists, but some large gentlemen from Ms Johanssen’s entourage came to inform me that I was wasting my time.

What a forward old man David was, to be sure.

An unfair crack of the whip

It’s the best kind.

Oh, I don’t know. He looks enviably lucky to me.
She’s quite wrong about that: Mark will derive no sexual pleasure at all from spanking you. He’s actually rather gentle and vanilla when it comes to sex, despite his aggressive and violent persona.
I think it shows a lack of ambition on her part, assuming you’ve fucked up like that. My SO wants me to excel in my work, and is never satisfied with anything other than a perfect 10 on all my tasks. One day perhaps I’ll even manage it.
Their service takes care of the basic everyday money extraction aspects of findomme, leaving ladies to concentrate on what they’re really good at: spending it.
Oh well, as long as I’m not the only one dressed like that. Don’t you just hate it when you turn up to some event and you’re the only one naked except for your collar and leash? I know I do.


Honestly, she’s only a guest but she acts like she owns the place – me included.

Always a difficult moment in session, I find.  But not as difficult as the consequences she’s outlining, obviously.
I hope they’re OK with it… some guys are a bit weird about being present with another man having sex.  I know I am, even after all these years when it’s happened almost every night.
They say memories of bullying stay with you for life… I certainly hope so, because I’m trying to arrange a schoolgirl bullying session for next month and it’s likely to be bloody expensive.
Now she says they don’t need a male – but I don’t see her cleaning out the dustbins or doing the laundry, do you?

Securely married

Impressive she became so good at it, if she was a late developer.

She’s just trying to build trust.

Some restaurants just do that automatically, but I always think that doesn’t show enough respect for the owners.  The lady might not want her gimp to stop being thirsty just yet. Admittedly, she can always just keep the mouth zipped, but it’s the principle of it.

It can be difficult.  I often feel a bit let down when I’ve paid for a humiliation session and the domme doesn’t tell me anything I haven’t been told by almost every woman I’ve ever met.  It’s not the dommes’ fault, poor things, I know they do their best.



She can be forgetful. Like that time she spent almost ten minutes trying to change the TV channel with his electric shock control. Good thing he was gagged or he’d have screamed the place down, because she was trying for Channel 84 – it has this rather good flower arranging competition; like Bake Off but for flowers.  Sounds a bit dull but she likes it.  She was ever so cross when she realised what a silly thing she’d done that caused her to miss the first ten minutes.






Resolute women

They always make sure that their New Year resolutions are kept.

It’s odd, because generally she prefers to be asked for her approval for everything I do.

Now this one’s just putting on a show of indifference to suit the ‘callous uncaring domme’ persona.  Inside, she’s a swirling mess of worry that licking up cow shit might make you horribly ill, but she is concealing it – true professional that she is.

She does teasing and denial play too.  That’s when you pay her and fuck off, frustrated and lonely.  It’s only very subtly different from the findomme variant, to be honest.

Happiest day of your life, boy.  Remember that.

Looks like she has stuff lying around the house she doesn’t need or want any more.  Many people do, at this time of year.  Best to just take the bold decision to throw it out, rather than leave it cluttering the place up.  She won’t regret it.

Strictly enforced whims

C’mon, give it a chance.  She wore the red dress for you, after all.




Don’t get the wrong idea: they take bullying very seriously.  All the girls get three bullying classes every week (as do the boys and the male teachers, albeit in a different way), and most of them are in the after-school club too.  They’re regional champions.



Actually, I’d have been able to tell Kurt was here even it wasn’t for the loud grunting noises – who else leaves a bag of dirty laundry waiting for me in the hall? One day, he’s going to go too far and he and I are going to have to have words.  But not today: he’s a bit busy and that dinner won’t make itself.


Oh well, so much for that day out.



This could turn into a vicious spiral.




Leaders of men

Girls can play so rough….




If it helps you bear the discomfort, today’s actually the best day because from tomorrow there’ll be sand in it too.  Not deliberately, but you know how it gets everywhere.





She’s not going to bother asking him what he thinks his biggest flaw is.  Anyway, that’s for her to decide.


Her eyes are up there.  And they’re looking into your soul.





You can see yourself out.



Talking about pain

 Not enough couples do that.



As you can see, she takes quite an old-fashioned approach to discipline.  Most wives these days just use the app.



She can put it with all the other things waiting for him in their honeymoon suite.

I hope she learns an important lesson about bullying.  Or a few new techniques, anyway.

How very tiresome.

Ironically enough, although they put on a remarkable burst of speed, when they reached Capri there’d been an unseasonable spring storm and the blossom was in tatters.  She took it in good part, though: silly to get upset over something like that.  There’s always next year.

Decadence: just the pictures

 So… to celebrate 10 years of ruining otherwise lovely images of ladies, by sticking witless captions on them (but never, ever overlapping the ladies themselves – that’s a rule) I will be putting up some of my favourites over the next few days.  Yes: we celebrate 10 years by putting up repeats that you’ve already seen…

Today: some of my favourite images I have posted, selected without worrying too much about whether the captions are any good or not.  Some are, some aren’t: but occasionally the pictures are so perfect that they have to be captioned even if I don’t have any particularly good ideas.

I just like their expressions.

like their expressions too.  If they aren’t saying something hurtful
and humiliating, and enjoying it as much as they appear to be, well they
damn well should be, that’s all.

again, although here the likelihood that they were actually saying
something hurtful and humiliating is perhaps a little higher.

think this might be my favourite femdom image of all time.  It’s not
specifically a femdom image, of course.  When you search for it, you mostly
get sites relating to workplace bullying, which is probably an activity
that’s less fun in reality than in fantasy.  But… but she’s just
shouting… right in his face!  Isn’t it lovely?

Again, it’s the look.

Her expression… and the general situation.  Four of them… face it, you are going to be way out of your depth, even if the two at the back are more interested in each other than in you.

hard to say what it is I like about this photo.  Maybe the framing, or
the perspective?  It’s probably some kind of technical
photographological stuff like that, anyway.  Definitely probably
something like that.

Jenna Coleman, on a break during filming Dr Who, I believe.  We need
more pictures of beautiful actresses dressed as Victorian governesses. 
Many more.

I occasionally feature male dominants or others into heavy, macho S&M gear here – usually dressed something like this.

And, of course…

So true, so true.  And I have many pictures of her.

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