Honestly, she’s only a guest but she acts like she owns the place – me included.

Always a difficult moment in session, I find.  But not as difficult as the consequences she’s outlining, obviously.
I hope they’re OK with it… some guys are a bit weird about being present with another man having sex.  I know I am, even after all these years when it’s happened almost every night.
They say memories of bullying stay with you for life… I certainly hope so, because I’m trying to arrange a schoolgirl bullying session for next month and it’s likely to be bloody expensive.
Now she says they don’t need a male – but I don’t see her cleaning out the dustbins or doing the laundry, do you?

3 thoughts on “Beguiling”

  1. That fourth one. It was called ‘bog-washing’ when I was at school. Happy days

    1. Lucky you. I’ll admit it never actually happened to me at school (or anyone to my knowledge) but I have certainly experienced it quite a few times since, and at the hands of people of a much better gender than that possessed by my fellow pupils at my all-male school too.

      Oddly enough, last week I had a wonderful schoolgirl bullying session but that was one of the things she didn’t do. She did get awfully creative with flicking paper and with methods for disposing of chewed gum, though, so I am certainly not complaining. She also destroyed two perfectly good maths textbooks that I’d only bought that morning… So, happy days for me, albeit decades later than yours.

      Best wishes


  2. Ah, maybe need to clarify. I went to an all-boys boarding school. Bog-washing was the act of pushing a new bug’s head into the bowl of a toilet and then flushing. The female element came later

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