Slavery, inequality, sorority

Forced bi blowjob practice
He might have his hair tugged less if he cuts it too.  He looks like a bit of a sissy with hair that long, if you ask me.
 The divine Ms Darla Kincaid.

Isn’t that sweet?  Of course, they didn’t keep the ponies for long.  They’re so expensive to keep.  But they’ll always have that memory.

Don’t be jealous that she’s so much better in bed than you are.  After all, you’re so much better at ironing than she ever was. 

I think you just pushed her own limits.  I don’t recommend that.

It’s silly to blame her for your own faults, now, isn’t it?

To err is male, to chastise divine

It’s some more captioned images of female domination.  I really ought to write some more stories, but it’s difficult with only one hand free.  Perhaps I need a strict schoolteacher standing over me…well of course I do.

Its not the crime its the cover up - well, its both really
Mistress Darla, of course, for whom the word “divine” is inadequate (a word that comes to mind often when I find myself contemplating her image).

Captioned image of huntress about to make a political point
The hounds haven’t been fed, and he’s going to be rubbed down with dog food first, so it should be a fine chase, while it lasts.

Captioned image of financial domination of a sort
I think it’s a bit risky.  Start letting him choose the washing powder, and who knows what liberties he’ll take?  One way or another, I’m pretty sure this will all end in tears.

OWK ladies generalkly dont have a high tolerance level for that sort of thing
At the moment this photo was taken, I believe he’d just heard himself utter the word, but wasn’t sure whether her English was up to understanding it.  Rather a tense moment, as you can imagine.  Let’s hope it turned out all right.

Dominatrix does not approve of men having opinions
My view on this picture is…well, irrelevant and unimportant I suppose.  Sorry – I’ll be off now.
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