Sadistically significant

I rather think the romantic evening’s just getting started, don’t you?





Despite her attitude to sexists, she’s a great believer in naval tradition.  ‘Rum, sodomy and the lash’ and all that, although obviously today’s navy is alcohol-free.



Perhaps Paul and Irene could discuss it later.




Possibly several things.  There’s always something.

She looks nice. Just as well when you’re that small and vulnerable.







Unworthy thoughts

Obeyinf Cindy
To those who might argue that ‘HMS Cindy’ doesn’t sound scary enough, I can only say that you haven’t met Cindy when she’s cross…

Reassuring threats
Speak softly and carry a rattan cane.

Grim reality of despair
Actually, the way the caption starts off is a bit misleading.  Mark doesn’t actually have any good days.

One or off she ponders
So, David’s being done too.  That’s David, Michael…and didn’t Anishta have Rajiv done last year?  Goodness, you’re almost the only one in the circle of friends still fully intact.  There’s a thought to ponder.
Dressing for pleasure
Real dominant women love nothing more than to sit around in uncomfortable clothing having their boots made all slimey by being licked.  They all like to dress their slaves up as little girls, too.  It must be true, I’ve seen it on the Internet.

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