Forceful females, meek males

Oh dear.  You had one job… Well, OK, you had several jobs if you count all the chores and you even had two jobs at a time during the spit-roasting bit but you know what I mean.

It’s their ‘rattan’ anniversary.

Maybe she should.  I hope she makes her mind up quickly rather than dithering about it… odd, because she’s usually very decisive.


The extra said yes – well, of course he did – but sadly the scene was cut from the movie.  He has developed quite a successful career though and has now had several minor speaking roles.  He was “Squeaky-voiced guy in elevator” in one of the recent Marvel movies, for instance.




It’s the way she tells them.





You let that little thing tell you what to do?

Probably you’ve already been to see it, queuing overnight to be first in, then staying right to the end of the credits and helping clean up all the spilled popcorn (wearing your little maid’s dress – it looks good on you, actually) but – just in case you haven’t – go and see the movie, OK?

Because, if you’re a reader of this blog who’s ever fantasised about being protected by a powerful, wise and beautiful woman, then – hang on what am I talking about?  Of course you are. To put it more simply: if you’re a reader of this blog… just go and see the movie if you haven’t already.

And yes, the quote in the title is a double-entendre.  Chris Pine has never looked so vulnerable, not even here.

I suppose you don’t even need captions when there’s this:

or this

or this

 or even this (looks like someone forgot his safeword)

But I’ve done a few anyway:

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