Forceful females, meek males

Oh dear.  You had one job… Well, OK, you had several jobs if you count all the chores and you even had two jobs at a time during the spit-roasting bit but you know what I mean.

It’s their ‘rattan’ anniversary.

Maybe she should.  I hope she makes her mind up quickly rather than dithering about it… odd, because she’s usually very decisive.


The extra said yes – well, of course he did – but sadly the scene was cut from the movie.  He has developed quite a successful career though and has now had several minor speaking roles.  He was “Squeaky-voiced guy in elevator” in one of the recent Marvel movies, for instance.




It’s the way she tells them.





0 thoughts on “Forceful females, meek males”

  1. What do you suppose was on his mind when she insisted on him putting bolts rather than screws through the ceiling and into the joists above? Probably thinking she had some kinky bondage game in mind. Look on the bright side though, his last sight will be of that truly lovely lady with the gorgeous legs and – wait – is she about to pull her skirt up further so she can reach . . . too late, he has gone.

  2. She is – but sometimes 'tough love' is called for and it's certainly a lot of fun for ladies who are fierce, anyway.

    'Fierce' is a good word. I shall use it more.

    Best wishes


  3. Oh, I douybt there was much on his mind, actually. Males don't usually have much going on up there, which is doubly sad for those of us who don't have much going on down below either.

    You may well be right about his final thoughts, though. I hope he didn't go so quickly that she couldn't enjoy it, selfish bastard that he is.

    Best wishes


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