Sexually impermissive

She is technically a sex worker but then what you are doing is not technically sex, so I think it’s really up to her.



You could try giving her just a little trouble.  Just to test that wrist action. 




Yeah, it’s not a sexual thing for him.  Or for you, as you’ll discover.




I had a very sheltered upbringing – so much so that I was still a virgin when my second wife divorced me.









Fear and loving

They go together so well.  More common than you might think.

In the – very unlikely – event that it does start giving you punishment-level shocks, there’s a helpline you can call that’s open every single day between 10 and 4, and usually only has a very short waiting time. So… nothing to worry about.

That’s the thing about a good thrashing with a cane: it’s so straightforward. You know where you stand (corner, usually).
And there’s some lubricant in case any chafing symptoms emerge, for whatever reason.
Don’t worry: she’s planning to consummate the marriage.  Just not with you.

I’ve always thought the mens lib movement would be much more effective if they just recognised reality and put a woman in charge.  But they like to try to do things by themselves, bless them.
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