Fear and loving

They go together so well.  More common than you might think.

In the – very unlikely – event that it does start giving you punishment-level shocks, there’s a helpline you can call that’s open every single day between 10 and 4, and usually only has a very short waiting time. So… nothing to worry about.

That’s the thing about a good thrashing with a cane: it’s so straightforward. You know where you stand (corner, usually).
And there’s some lubricant in case any chafing symptoms emerge, for whatever reason.
Don’t worry: she’s planning to consummate the marriage.  Just not with you.

I’ve always thought the mens lib movement would be much more effective if they just recognised reality and put a woman in charge.  But they like to try to do things by themselves, bless them.

0 thoughts on “Fear and loving”

  1. Absolutely love the "If I cane you anyway" one – it's really impeccable logic and there's no way I could argue against it. Mind you, there's no way I could argue against her about anything at all, she makes me go so weak at the knees. "2+2=5? Yes, of course, darling – if you say so."

  2. So many great caption – I look forward to stopping by more often.

    Restraining the patient for the gay doctor was diabolical, but a fitting means of teaching respect and submission. Oh, and the 'snip snip' virgin marriage is perfect – if he's a good cuckold, he won't miss it.

  3. It's good that you won't argue with her. Obviously, she's fine caning you just in case anyway, but that doesn't mean you can get away with wilfully provoking her.

  4. Welcome Bob, very good of you to comment. In her household, I'm not sure there's too much difference between a 'good cuckold' and a bad cuckold, actually, but I am sure he'll do his best. She likes that.

    I look forward to your stopping by more often, too.


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