Senseful brutality

Well.. someone might mind, actually.  But no one who matters.

Goodness, what a large one.  As no woman has ever said to me, in my entire life. More seriously, though, I really, really like this caption. If you don’t like this one then you are probably ‘reading’ the wrong femdom blog, because as far as I’m concerned, this is as good as it gets (sorry).

Actually, I stopped complaining to Mum when I realised she was always going to take my sister’s side.  And obviously there was no point complaining to Dad – he tried to stick up for me once, and we both got a spanking for his trouble.


Looking?  Looking where?

Actually, I really like this one too…

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  1. Yes a father telling his son how he met the Head Of the Household should involve such romantic remembrances. After all the son will be helped to grow up the right way (his Mothers way). And the father playing whipping boy is a lovely concept. Whipping boys should not be limited to royalty alone. Femsup

  2. I haven't much explored the theme of whipping boys… A loving mother sternly telling her daughter that once again, her beloved brother will have to be whipped to bring home to her her wrong-doings…

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