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  1. I think if more biological males followed your example and didn't worry their silly little heads about things that they cannot possibly understand, the world would be a much better place.

    Actually, I'm of your opinion but my own SO always insists I vote and even helps make sure I don't make a mistake in the voting booth, so she's obviously less of a radical female supremacist than I'd assumed. I'd ask her about it, but I'm only allowed to speak when I am spoken to and the topic has never arisen.

  2. Careful now, Alex. People these days can get a bit over-excited about Russians expressing strong views on US presidential elections. I'm sure the last thing any of us want is the FBI investigating this blog and all who 'read' it…

  3. Well i for one respect the will of the people. I'm a femocrat, i believe in femocracy. The will of the people is, like them, a beautiful thing.

  4. Ah the Femocracy movement. A nice concept with meetings run by can only be attended by Womyn and males paying a fee. It could be one way to redistribute wealth to Womyn but it may not get to all Womyn. Femsup

  5. That's right. And – as my SO loves to point out – spineless wimps like me have no will of our own, so we don't feature in that particular calculus.

  6. All wealth originally comes from women, if you think about it, so it's really just restitution.

    Never really liked that word 'womyn'. I can see the point about not wanting a 'man' inside (oo-err), but it's a bit like marriage: why should the superior sex be the ones to change their names? They could keep 'women' and we could be 'myn'. Or 'boys', in my preferred phrasing.

  7. That's a very good intellectual point. A more victorious rather than victim led mind set. Good that the men should change rather than Women having to become defensive. Femsup

  8. Recently I was serving my owner's friends at a dinner party. As I served my beautiful wife some wine she said that she hoped that parliament will agree today that men's votes are mostly irrelevant as in well run households they must vote as they are told.

    ''Paul, you wouldn't want the vote would you?''

    ''Oh no ma'am, I never understand such things.''

    I quickly went to the kitchen to get another bottle of Pinot Grigio whilst the dinner party continued. All the husbands are alpha men and very bright and intelligent. None of them, however, consider they should be given the vote again, for them definitely not a good idea.

    Later I was called in and my wife told me to clear away the dirty dishes and then bring cheese and crackers. I quickly did this as the laughter and conversation continued.

    The ladies were talking about their families and how boys are brought up to obey their sisters and all women. One said her son had asked if he could vote one day. He was told to go and research the question and see if it is likely to happen. Naturally, he came back and said he didn't think he should be allowed to vote. It is something for women only.

    The news stations are full of items about the vote. We shall see!

    At 9.00 pm I was called into the dining room by my wife who told me I had done really well in looking after anyone and thanked me in front of everyone. I was so proud, even though it is my place in tis house.


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