Textual humiliation

Scamper scamper… wag wag wag.



She’s not, like, a pervert or anything.




Mistress’s boyfriend actually, so a bit of both you might say.



Personally, I just feel more comfortable wearing stereotypically female clothing, because when I try to sneak any male clothing on I invariably get found out and beaten.



One fewer thing to worry about, then.







Terror the human form divine

A family friend was branded by a Canadian domme.  He kicked up a bit of a fuss when she started on the French translation, but ‘la loi c’est la loi’, I guess. 



He’s sulky because when they have guests around he’s usually allowed to stay up.  But after she had to deal with a tantrum at their last dinner party, she’s decided not to risk it.





Don’t forget to look super-relaxed.

A few hours spent torturing a male doesn’t make a lesbian relationship any less vanilla, any more than cuddling together in front of the TV with a box of chocolates makes them choco-fetishists. 



I’m sure you don’t mind – you married her for her personality, not her looks, right?  And she certainly has a very strong personality.





Equal rights for men

Some people have misunderstood my position on rights for men, so I am happy to set the record straight.  I believe all men deserve to be treated in exactly the same way.  All of my writings here demonstrate that same commitment, I think you’ll find.

He’s going to be changing his name, of course, as a married man.  She just hasn’t yet decided what to change it to, that’s all.

Yup… I can hardly wait!  And yet I do.

The branding incident was a bit unfortunate – just goes to show the dangers of handling red-hot iron carelessly – but thankfully no one important was hurt.

See what I mean about equal rights?  Free healthcare, right here.  Males get free education too – lots of it.

Don’t worry: she won’t tell anyone where you are.

Permissive society

Contrary to what many people ill-informed about femdom relationships might imagine, I am not oppressed by my SO, in fact she actually makes a point of bestowing small freedoms on me.  For example, she grants me a financial allowance out of my earnings, quite frequently permits me to speak as long as that privilege is not abused and even (speaking of abuse) permits occasional sexual release.  I’m very lucky that way, as I often find myself compelled to tell her.

Like many submissive men, I find arguing with my SO can make me feel quite uncomfortable – sometimes immediately, sometimes over an extended period of time.

It’s the dreading that’s the worst part, I understand.


Teasing and denial.

It’s the little things in a relationship that really define it.

Fair mistreatment


How soon will she be back?  Oh… you know.  It’ll be forever and it’ll also be too soon, same as usual.


There’s actually another guy out there, but you’re unlikely to see him unless you start digging in the compost pile, and why would you do that?

 The lovely but, by the looks of things, retired Princess Neive. I wonder what she did with the boots?  I’d give them a loving home.

Poor thing. She seems very upset.  I hope this will make her feel better.

As her name is ‘Josephine’, maybe you’re better off sticking with ‘hamster’?  At least ‘hamster’ fits on one line.


Downton on your knees

Sorry about that.  I find it hard to resist a pun, no matter how bad. If only there were someone who could mete out painful consequences for such lapses of judgement on my part… whom I could pay to judge me, find fault and punish me. But obviously no such profession exists, so I suppose I’ll just carry on.

Anyway, Downton day today!  I won’t say where I got the photos. You might recognise the sytyle, I’ve used similar before.  The photographer has a lot more on his web site and I’m sure you can find it but probably best not to jump there straight from this site as I doubt he would appreciate this particular use of his images.  I wouldn’t want to have to take this post down … ton.

P.S.  Nothing at all to do with Downton but Oh My Goddess  look at this

Excruciatingly pleasurable

Why bring up painful old memories?  She seems nice… maybe it’s time for a fresh start?
Oddly enough, I never experienced corporal punishment as a child.  My SO says we have to make up for lost time, and she’s probably right.  She usually is.

Why do my dates always end up like this?


Traditional country sports went through a bit of a low patch in the years between the Foxhunting (Prohibition) Act and the Sexual Offences (Remedial and Preventative Measures) Act, but they’re now more popular than ever, even though men aren’t allowed to take part.  As riders, I mean.

Oh dear.  She’s right, you know.  I am a very, very bad person. Fortunately, this very evening I am visiting someone to whom I have given a lot of money to beat me for my sins.  So that’s all right.

I’m just wild about Harry

No, not Archie’s dad.  Her.  I always  have  beenRapture!

But no captioned images of the divine Mistress Deborah, I am afraid, as the available ones tend to be fuzzy vid-caps.  Just the usual sort of thing, you know.

But only if you want to, obviously.

The anaestheologist is very skilled in pain management, so there’s no need to worry.
And don’t imagine there’ll be any ankles nakedly on display or anything lewd of that nature!

She’s got some suitable things for you to wear too.
They’re also going to have a little practice the day before, to make sure everything goes smoothly on the big day.  Just on a bit of you that no one will notice.

The truth hurts

…but I have found that lying hurts even more.

I suppose it can’t hurt to try.

Don’t worry – it’s not the end of the discussion.  There’ll be plenty of time for more apologies.

Actually, I had a bad experience just like this one.  I thought I’d met the dominant woman of my dreams, but actually all she wanted was unpaid labour in her garden and it never really developed beyond that to a proper FLR, so after seventeen years I gave up on it.  She still calls occasionally… and of course I don’t mind popping round for a few hours or days when she does, but I think we both realise the spark was never there.

They originally had proper school lessons but there’s not really much point teaching anything to boys who are only going to leave the school in a hearse, so most schoolwork consists of writing lines.
Not a problem I’ve ever had, I’ll admit.

Ladies who leash

Seven days in already, so counting down the  days from 21 that’s only 14 to go? Or 83 if it’s 90.  Whatever.

Oh, I think – with all due respect – Madame Sarka is being unduly harsh on English, here.  But then, she’s really good at being unduly harsh.

Actually, the taste depends a lot more on what it had to eat a few hours earlier.

Sometimes she fills the bag with ice, so as he’s sweating in the heat there, he gets some lovely cool drips of water. Usually, though, she doesn’t.

I’m not worried. Just terrified.

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