Excruciatingly pleasurable

Why bring up painful old memories?  She seems nice… maybe it’s time for a fresh start?
Oddly enough, I never experienced corporal punishment as a child.  My SO says we have to make up for lost time, and she’s probably right.  She usually is.

Why do my dates always end up like this?


Traditional country sports went through a bit of a low patch in the years between the Foxhunting (Prohibition) Act and the Sexual Offences (Remedial and Preventative Measures) Act, but they’re now more popular than ever, even though men aren’t allowed to take part.  As riders, I mean.

Oh dear.  She’s right, you know.  I am a very, very bad person. Fortunately, this very evening I am visiting someone to whom I have given a lot of money to beat me for my sins.  So that’s all right.

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  1. That they do. It's a common error to think men don't play important roles in female supremacist organisations, you know.

    Just by chance, right now I have the perfect example. My SO has invited round two female supremacist friends to share her Christmas lunch, and I'd expected she'd want me to make myself scarce but she said they were looking forward to enjoying my presence at the feast. I assumed she wanted me to cook, but it seems she just wants me to prepare the vegetables in advance and then on the day she'll prepare the meat course herself. Although they're all going to have a turn at carving, I understand. It's a girl thing.

    So, anyway, I guess you never know how things will turn out, huh?

    Spasibo for commenting and all that.


    PS: you might like to know there's a post before Christmas featuring a rather lovely Russian military type, speaking in amusingly bad English, as so many Russians so amusingly do. Hope you don't find that too humiliating. Or, for that matter, insufficiently humiliating.

  2. Oh, Servitor, there are many Russian's jokes about russians who want to showoff knowledge of English. Between themselves, Russians like to laugh at silly pride. But my bad English – the only way to express my gratitude to you! 🙂 If it makes you smile, I don 't mind. 🙂

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