A sea of retarded sexuality and bad poetry.

Sometimes I link to 80s British music at the start of these posts, and it’s only just struck me that never once so far have I featured the greatest band to come out of the UK in the last – oh, fifty years at least.  So here’s something from the Tap.  Oh – and the content?  Just for once, it is actually related to the general theme of this blog.

OK, so her kink is not your kink.  But would it kill you to do something that turns her on for a change?
Democracy’s wonderful, as long as not too many men vote.  This set-up looks OK.
She’ll want to be tight up there for the bridge shot.  But stick around, as she’ll probably change down to something a bit looser to finish the break.
Hmm.  You’ll appreciate that as a sub male I don’t at all approve of threats or allusions of CP towards women?  But what I approve or otherwise is unimportant.

I’ve heard he’s been in some space movies too.  But the only space movie I’ve ever enjoyed was Interstellar, so I wouldn’t know about that.

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