Malicious minds

 Don’t you know I’m caught in a trap?


Any specific plans?  Or just an early night… that would probably be best, actually, so you’re all ready in the morning.

But the diet doesn’t have to be healthy all the time, either.  She likes to mix and match, so to speak.  Femdom’s all about choices: having them, denying them, whatever.

 The lovely, wise and occasionally delightfully cross Ella Kross.


Or even a bit longer if she needs it… it’s traditional for a bride to arrive a little late, keeping her anxious groom waiting at the altar.



Wherever she goes, but on all fours and two paces behind, I hope.


It makes my blood boil, seeing the divine Anne being disrespected.  To be honest, it makes my blood boil just seeing the divine Anne, so we’re actually all the way into pulmonary embolism territory here.


Unreasonable demands

She’s embarrassed now… but don’t worry, she has coping techniques for that.




Now come on – man up.  Remember what you all discussed at the last encounter group?  No, no I don’t mean the bit about ironing pleats – about standing up to your wives?  Yeah?  Right then.  Hang on – where are you going?  You can’t stand up to her on your knees!  Oh for goodness’ sake…



My SO and I have a consensual relationship.  I didn’t want to but she insisted.

They’d starve to death, I expect.  I mean, more of them would than when the Ladies actually are there, anyway.




This photo is actually a rather sophisticated optical illusion.  Many men, seeing it for the first time, don’t notice the slice of pizza, the big red cup, the bottles of water or the coffee maker – even after staring at it for hours.  Something to do with how the brain processes images, I understand.


A study in scarlet

I don’t know what word that is and I don’t want to.  For some reason, it brings back painful memories.

I’ve often thought its odd how confident dommes often are about what we subs can take or not, given that they’ve usually never tried it on themselves.



Try not to make an ass of yourself.


I can be both.  And so much more.


That does sound fun.  I hope she doesn’t charge a fee for taking that half of my income off me, though.  But if she insists, obviously I won’t argue.

 Oh – and in the same theme of the colour red… it took me a while, Furcoat, but I got there eventually. 


Nothing to fear but fear itself

An odd quote.  If I feared fear, I wouldn’t pay to endure it, now, would I?  Anyway, anyone who really thinks there’s nothing to fear but fear itself hasn’t had a tawsing session with Miss Hunter, or been hand-smothered by Mistress Eleise de Lacey, to name just two among many ladies who can strike fear into me and have done so most delightfuly.

Don’t worry – she’s a very accomplished cook and will have a wide range of things for you to kneel on over time.  Pasta, pulses, various grains… And when you’re done kneeling on them, she can boil them up to mush, add a few flavourings and voila – your feeding bowl will be full for a week.

Ooh – what a lovely game!  I just want to rain a flurry of kisses down on her shoe in a never-ending display of adoration… and as that’s what she wants too, that’s what will happen.

I don’t specifically remember agreeing that.  If anything, I try not to think too much about the evening when we ‘discussed’ it, as it brings me out into a cold sweat.  But I’m sure she’s right, she usually is.  Always, come to think of it.

Time of the month, eh?  Always a bit difficult for the man of the house, especially if he’s a due a whipping anyway.  As I always seem to be, during her periods, for some weird reason.

The worst of is when they’re all sweaty and they’re grinding and pumping away and one of them looks up to discover she got bored and is watching TV.  Still: best not to stop. You know how she is about these things.


Our youngers and betters

I suppose it never hurts to go through things again, just to make sure.  Well… I don’t mean it never actually hurts – obviously it does hurt – I just mean…. oh , you know.

The longer it goes on, the longer his pleasureable anticipation, I suppose.
I wonder what she has planned for the evening.  For you, that is.
Aww… is there a little furry… hairy, leggy, fangy.. friend in there with you? Or several.
You, by contrast, can easily go quite badly wrong.  But you’ll know when you do.

Boss ladies

I understand in most modern social media platforms it’s just one of the standard tickboxes when you sign up.  Of course, you can always choose “Don’t like to say” or “It’s complicated!”

A really skilled domme can plant a billiard ball right up a slave’s anus from the far side of the table.

If it’s any consolation, the male warders are all very nice indeed, as long as the inmates are nice to them.

Love’s often not enough.

When they called the next day, she had a glass of wine and a vibrator ready. You know: just to help her cope with the trauma.

Senseful brutality

Well.. someone might mind, actually.  But no one who matters.

Goodness, what a large one.  As no woman has ever said to me, in my entire life. More seriously, though, I really, really like this caption. If you don’t like this one then you are probably ‘reading’ the wrong femdom blog, because as far as I’m concerned, this is as good as it gets (sorry).

Actually, I stopped complaining to Mum when I realised she was always going to take my sister’s side.  And obviously there was no point complaining to Dad – he tried to stick up for me once, and we both got a spanking for his trouble.


Looking?  Looking where?

Actually, I really like this one too…

Ladies in red

Men’s libbers are actually firmly opposed to being spanked.  Most men are, actually.  But they always end up thankful for it.

I once paid a prostitute to have sex with me – booked with a credit card.  But when I opened the door to her, she looked me up and down, dug around in her purse, handed me the same amount in cash and walked off.  Which could actually be quite handy some time, if I’m ever somewhere with no ATMs.
Never try puppy play alongside an actual dog.  They’re better at it. Much the same goes for sex and real men.  Don’t even try – you’ll just look foolish.  And you wouldn’t want that.


Except that she’s started by using social media to advertise, so her first clients are precisely likely to be your friends.  And your close family members.

She’s sneaked a tub of lube into the bottom of your tuck box.  You know: to make the first few days a bit easier.  She’s kind like that.

The strength of a woman

You know, I’ve forgotten what I was going to ask about now. Often happens.  Oh well.

Remarkably, with that sniper rifle she can give herself an orgasm with an man who is anything up to a kilometre away.

Medical opinion is divided on the advisability of gagging castration patients during their operations.  On the one hand, there are those who say it’s best to shut the bastards up; but on the other, there are surgeons who get off on the screaming.  The debate continues, in the medical journals.

First dates can often be a bit embarassing… just go with it.

Busy busy.

Bossy boots

See?  Told you that in the future, boots would stamp down on male faces forever.  Or was that George Orwell?  Anyway, I have pictures to prove it.

It might get a bit smelly in there, that’s the only thing.  But don’t worry: they’ll hose the crate down before you’re introduced to your new owners.

Wife and mother… it’s like two jobs rolled into one.

Don’t worry, they’ll make sure you get all the way to the top.

Looks pretty clean already to me.  You don’t suppose she’s not a real biker by any chance, do you?

Ah, Mistress Eleise.  Even dressed in her daily work clothes like this, she’s stunning.

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