The strength of a woman

You know, I’ve forgotten what I was going to ask about now. Often happens.  Oh well.

Remarkably, with that sniper rifle she can give herself an orgasm with an man who is anything up to a kilometre away.

Medical opinion is divided on the advisability of gagging castration patients during their operations.  On the one hand, there are those who say it’s best to shut the bastards up; but on the other, there are surgeons who get off on the screaming.  The debate continues, in the medical journals.

First dates can often be a bit embarassing… just go with it.

Busy busy.

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  1. 50 orgasms a day?! It's a lethal dose! I hope she will offer him to refuse voluntarily from 40, which were under the contract! It will be a very wise decision on his part. If she offer, of course… 🙂

  2. Oh don't worry about that. It's not like the contract says he has to have them all. She'll happily just write off any he has left over and they can start again next year. It's very efficient.

  3. I did and I liked. There might even be some captions featuring publicity shots at some point. Not quite sure how to 'fangirl' but I can confirm that any movie featuring Anne slapping a guy hard on the face is my kind of movie.

  4. thank you I can't be rational with anything with Anne and the rest are great too

    when Sandra Bullock tells that guy he would be a pretty little girl in prison!


  5. "The debate continues, in the medical journals." That comma speaks volumes whereas the gagged male about to be castrated can't. Lovely touch that She finds out that his balls' removal is "just" for sexist remarks. It was once hot political debate before and when the Female Supremacist government came to power. Now its left to the professionals to decide and discuss in learned journals and amongst individual Women. Femsup

  6. As it should be. Men can get so emotional – almost hysterical, one might say – about these things. Leave it to the experts, that's what I say.

  7. I personally feel that the sustainable development goals should not merely be about investment and education and stuff like that, but also about speaking out – and acting – against business and other activity that harms the planet. Possibly even applying a little correction to encourage self-discipline in the more… thoughtless members of our society. And if self-discipline isn't available, maybe some other sort. I can't think of anyone better than Ms Gadot for such a role.

    You know, as she used to be a member of the Israeli Defence Forces, she could presumably be called up in a national emergency. If they ever invade anywhere, I'll be on the first plane out to joint their adversaries and surrender – whimpering in adoration – to the divine Lt Gadot.

  8. Very nice. I particularly like "Listen to me first, before beating me." I think that is a perfectly reasonable request. That's something my SO is always perfectly happy to do. She usually keeps on listening to me during the beating and afterwards too. She's a great listener, actually.

    Thank you – as ever – for all the thoughtful (if depraved) comments, Femsup. S.

  9. Yu hold a special place in our hearts with your great humour and intelligence. There seems to be an expectancy that he should be able to take 10 or more public face slaps and that he be in a proper and easy position for her to apply them. Some of the comments about abuse are not wanted really. She is well within Her rights to publicly discipline her male. I note She does not turn on Her friend who may have had a part in his misbehaviour. Femsup

  10. Even though his raising of his arm is impotent its still a little threatening. He to his credit keeps his legs open leaving his balls available for kicks though which shows good training. Femsup

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