Girls just wanna have fun

… but in many countries there are still some silly legal restrictions on how they do so.  Not on this blog.

I think they’re just not taking this lifesaving course seriously enough.

How does she know?

OWK has strict rules about that.  Strict rules about a lot of things, come to think of it – I mean, that’s kind of the point of the place.

She’s thought about it a lot.  Often after a luxurious bath, with soft music playing and a glass of wine to hand.

‘Cowering’ is an underrated form of sex play, I reckon.  I do a lot of it.

Male In Name Only

Actually, although it’s a very specialised field of architecture, her fees are fairly low, not least because she doesn’t need to pay any assistants.


And they say castratrices have no feelings.


If he’s bad at sums, he might need a little thinking time in the corner to get the salary offer right.


I’d queue up…


I’ve always enjoyed a vigorously bisexual sex life: left or right hand, doesn’t matter to me.


Mistress of arts

Women, eh? You can’t just straight-out discuss something, she has to set up the whole situation just right to ‘discuss it’. Oh well.  Better humour her.

That’s a very wide hole. Still, maybe there are some guys who need that.  Not jealous…

Phew.  That could have gone quite badly.  Remember the time you bought that fur coat in the wrong shade of silver?
I wonder if in the years to come, he’ll regret not having signed more forms?  After all, it’s not going to be easy to sign anything, when she’s done with him.
 This of course is the sweet and kindly Mistress Jo, of Cruella and British Institution fame.  She’s just a softie really.
That’s something we’ve seen a lot of this year – this contemptuous attitude to ‘experts’.  She could easily double the efficiency of the plant by not sitting on it, for example, but you just try telling her that…

Memories, memories, sweet memories

Yes, to bring in the new year, what better than to look back – with more recollections from the lovely ladies of the sadly now defunct Other World Kingdom. 

Well, completely made up stuff from the mind of servitor, anyway.  But I do have a general disclaimer over there to the right, if you care to look.  This blog does not make a fetish of realism.  Muddy boots, yes, sissy panties, certainly, but realism – not so much.

This is the second in a series of, well, two at the moment but you never know.  Here’s the first.

Ladies – over to you.





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Strictly factual

OK, time for a new series.  And I hope at least some of you like it, because I’ve done loads of these, and I’ll post more some time…

OWKfacts, that’s they are.  Interesting, and little-known (because untrue) facts about the Other World Kingdom, a much missed now defunct femdom facility in the Czech Republic.  I might have mentioned the place once or twice before, now I come to think of it…

All pictures, of course, must originally have come from and were found either there or on tumblr etc. 

Enjoy.  Or don’t – see if I care.














Despicable: capable of being despised.

Capable?  I pay for the privilege.  Hi – I’m Servitor!

Captioned images of female domination (what else?) follow.

Strict teacher silence
Ah, now, you can say what you like about Miss Taylor, but – oh, hang on.  No you can’t.

OWK prison stay caption hello Google
The phrases “thank you mistress” and “piss off you evil cow” can sound very similar to the untrained ear, too, so do be careful.  Well worth studying before your visit, although if like me you do find yourself accidentally in for seven months hard labour, you’ll probably pick a few words up.


Femdom wife wants politeness
Doesn’t she look sweet?  I’m sure she hates having to do all those horrible things to you.

Consent in BDSM
I’m still quite sore from the last discussion we had to be honest.

Female supremacy politics
Oh no.  I hate political chat.  They’re just going to sit around all night, discussing supremacist theory, local council elections, castration methods for rapists – that kind of thing. I’d go out and leave them to it, but I’m grounded for the next month. 

Obedience is bliss

Willpower…I lack it, She has it in abundance.  There is a deal to be done here.

She makes the rules and enforces them too
He has so much to learn…

These boots were made for licking
I think it’s the healthy outdoor air that’s the main attraction.

A whipping from each guard and then another
Silly really, because he’s paying a fortune to be there for the month – and there’s such a long waiting list to get in.

What are you going to give her for her birthday?
I don’t want to give the impression that anything too extreme is planned here.  It’s just play.  Fantasy.  She would never really do it.  Not without your consent, anyway.  So just relax, and let her play.  And if she asks for consent, and you’re not comfortable with the idea of being castrated at that time, you just say no.  OK?  And the next time she asks, well if you still don’t want to. you can say no again. No problem.

So, the secretary messed up, but you’re the one getting a spanking.  Is that fair?  I mean, just because they are the superior sex and we are insignificant maggots.  Honestly, it makes me so angry.


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