Strictly factual

OK, time for a new series.  And I hope at least some of you like it, because I’ve done loads of these, and I’ll post more some time…

OWKfacts, that’s they are.  Interesting, and little-known (because untrue) facts about the Other World Kingdom, a much missed now defunct femdom facility in the Czech Republic.  I might have mentioned the place once or twice before, now I come to think of it…

All pictures, of course, must originally have come from and were found either there or on tumblr etc. 

Enjoy.  Or don’t – see if I care.













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  1. Ma'am has asked to write that building the kennels was very character building and improved my attitude/behaviour .This is true of all ny fellow slaves and we now have fitting accomodation too. We'd never been allowed in houses..).I'd better get digging, Madame Katarina is attempting another record..

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