Crawling to learn

Mistress dental care
Oh, we do.  We do.

Isn’t this picture wonderful?

Women eh?  Can never make their minds up, silly things.

Not many calories in the dirt on the soles of her shoes, alas.

I can’t stand those mens libbers with all their ‘votes for men’ nonsense.  We just shouldn’t worry our ugly little heads about it, that’s what I say. Ironing’s more my thing.

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  1. I love the second photo. It IS as wonderful, as you say it is.
    I love the last caption as well. I love your captions of wives telling their househusbands not to worry about things like politics. And for them to leave those types of things to women


  2. Yes, of course, Ma'am. So silly of me to think about elections. Your breakfast is ready on the table, and I have polished your stilettos. Would you need anything else, Ma'am?

  3. It's actually a rather neglected part of the femdom scene, being forbidden elections.

    Quite early on in our relationship, my Signficant Other informed me that elections were something I was no longer allowed, and it would be best not to think about them. She even fitted me with a device to make sure. But it's bizarre – the longer I go without an election, the more I miss them and resent the frustration that she has imposed upon me by denying them to me. But that's life, I suppose.

  4. Show me a "men's libber", and I'll show you an ugly boy who couldn't land a strong smart woman if his life depended on it, and wouldn't know how to keep her happy if he did!

  5. I agree-us himbos should stay away from intellectual stuff like politics, ma'am and worry about looking nice to please our mistresses. On voting day you can march me to the polling station on a leash and give me instructions..Failiure to obey will result in time at the FMDM correctional institution where we are stripped of the vote (and everything else..)

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