Out of my mind, I am held by the power of you, love

…why do you have to be a ball-breaker?  Is it a lesson that I never knew?


She’s being much too pernickety. If he’d consented to being tied up and gagged then he can be assumed to have consented to what’s to come, can’t he? No matter what she has in mind. And if the tying and gagging was non-consensual… well, then the principle’s already been breached, right?  Might as well carry on and let her do her thing.



One last disappointment for her, in a marriage which, to be honest, has not turned out to be everything she’d hoped for.  Still, it looks like she’s taken a bold decision to put her own needs first and make a fresh start, so that’s good.

It’s not the activities she’s horrified by, it’s the price list.  I mean, for something that literally anyone can do, without any training.

Ah well, you wanted a heavy pain session, right? Why else forget Mistress’s birthday?

Some things do actually try to happen.  But none of it leads to anything, so it’s really all the same.


And if you don‘t think so… well, that just proves her point, doesn’t it?

Time for some firmer measures here too.

I have no idea what that means.  I don’t even speak Swiss – or Austrian or whatever.

I paid a prostitute for a ‘girlfriend experience’ once.  She took out an injunction and banned me from being within half a mile of her.  I am allowed to visit her flat once a month to make the payments, though.

Yes.  Yes it is.

Any flavour except vanilla

… or raspberry ripple.  I really hate raspberry ripple.  

Goodness, I hope none of the dommes with whom I  have the honour of serving from time to time read this blog and find out my little secret.  They might force me to eat raspberry ripple ice cream in session.  How awful that would be!

Monthly renewal of chastity
‘We’ are indeed trying.  Fortunately, only one of ‘us’ has to succeed, doesn’t she?

CNFM shopping
You ever had one of those dreams?  When you’re naked, surrounded by a hundred jeering, mocking beautiful women?  And you can’t speak and you can’t seem to run, but then you have to do a little dance for them and… and then you wake up.  And realise it was only a dream?  Always such a fucking disappointment.

Femdom space programme
She’s been working too on a better recovery system.  Crashing into a net is fine but it’s just not very… fetish, you know?  So she’s been working on something involving combining an aircraft carrier’s ‘arrestor hook’ system, with various anal toys.  All top secret just now, I’m afraid, so I don’t know any more details than that.
This is the divine Mistress Ezada Sinn, if you didn’t know that already

Lovely Clara
Lucky George.  Sharp-eyed observers of more than one ‘scene’ might spot a reference here to an earlier post.

Boyfriends, eh? Always spoiling the fun! Why can’t she just do her own beating up? I’d go for that. I’d even pay.


Feral males can be such a nuisance, especially in urban areas, don’t you think?  These ladies could sort all that out.

Femdom military discipline no less
The ladies in the picture do actually seem to be carrying canes.  Isn’t that great?  swords.  Not canes, swords.  Oh well..maybe a quick 20 with the flat… hmmm?

This is the Chilean army according to the divine Ms Ayesha, so there we are.  Chile.  Long and thin.  Very much so.  I’ll admit I don’t know much else about Chile… but I know what I like.

A bleak lonely and miserable caption about kinky sex
If he only realised it, the triple whipping he gets occasionally is for his wedding anniversary.  But men – they always forget, don’t they?

Lobotomised for love of a woman
I think it’s a bit cruel. It’s not as if most men have that many brain cells to begin with.

Dominatrices keep you guessing
Of course, she doesn’t use spurs and riding whip.  Not on a pony.

Chastity cuckold honeymoon stuff
Easy for her to say.  She didn’t have to spend the night sleeping in the hotel corridor.

At Her Majesty’s pleasure

Domme wants an orgasm - bend over
She likes screaming when she reaches orgasm.  So feel free to scream.  But don’t fake it – she can tell.

Actually for you its all bad news
Nope, no clues.  I want it to be a surprise.

The many uses for a hairbrush in marriage
It’s easy to forget at times that hairbrushes have secondary uses – like brushing hair.

Spending more than a penny
Hope you’ve kept some money spare, to be untied again afterwards.

Anne wants you to fetch the cane.  NOW!
Did you think that just because I didn’t put a picture of her at the top, I’d got over my obsession?  Oh no – in fact I’ve found a whole new bunch of pictures.
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