As the world turns

turning points!  That’s all.

NB: I have just realised that the default comments policy on the blog required a name and email. I have switched this off, so you can comment as anonymously as you like (but please give yourself a name, at least in the body of the comment, so you’re not all just ‘Anonymous’. Unless of course, your name is actually ‘Anonymous’ which would be a cruel burden to bear).

The turning of the seasons

I wish they would turn… all is dark, cold and bleak at this time of year*.  Still, there’s always Turning Points, the increasingly contrived mildly suggestive femdom scenes for which I ran out of good ideas years back, but continue posting out of sheer bloody-mindedness**.














* And at other times of year if you’re one of those chaps who spends his time chained up naked in a cellar.  But very few of those have Internet access, so you’re probably not.

** Experienced ‘tops’ will no doubt recognise this as ‘brattish’ behaviour and will doubtless have ideas on how to deal with it.

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