The turning of the seasons

I wish they would turn… all is dark, cold and bleak at this time of year*.  Still, there’s always Turning Points, the increasingly contrived mildly suggestive femdom scenes for which I ran out of good ideas years back, but continue posting out of sheer bloody-mindedness**.














* And at other times of year if you’re one of those chaps who spends his time chained up naked in a cellar.  But very few of those have Internet access, so you’re probably not.

** Experienced ‘tops’ will no doubt recognise this as ‘brattish’ behaviour and will doubtless have ideas on how to deal with it.

0 thoughts on “The turning of the seasons”

  1. Dear me, Tom, that old sexist trope about women taking forever to get dressed to go out? Surely we're past that sort of thing, now. It's easy enough for us guys to get ready: just clip the leash to the collar, hold it in your mouth and wait to be dragged outside, but it's more complicated for the ladies, you know?

    In any event, even outside a femdom relationship, it's simply untrue that women always take forever to get dressed. Back when I was doing vanilla dating, I was always impressed by the speed with which a woman could throw her clothes back on and dash out of my apartment – often clocking in at less than a minute, even including the time to slap my face or kick me in the balls.

    You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself for such old-fashioned sexist thoughts and seek out re-education and penance, assuming the Covid situation wherever you are allows for disciplinary social mixing.

    Best wishes


  2. Love the implication that he is getting the ironing wrong in order to get punished. Genius. Wonder when she will realize? When she does what will she do then?


  3. Thank you, Zoe. I wouldn't necessarily assume it was deliberate, although of course you are right that that was the implication. But even apparently competent males are still, let's face it, males and are likely to fuck things up quite spectacularly sooner or later, without proper guidance. Sooner or later she'll at least realise that, I am sure. Most women do.

    Best wishes


  4. Harriet Marwood, Governess. Didn't know that one before I saw this. Thanks for the tip, it's a great read!

  5. It really is very lovely, isn't it?

    Proper literary author too. Wikpedia has a quote "Glassco will be remembered for his brilliant autobiography, his elegant, classical poems, and for his translations." I zsuspect he'll be remembered longer and a lot more fondly for the delightful Harriet and the agonies she so lovingly skillfully inflicts, though…

    Very glad to have spread the word about this sweet little tale.


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