Love and abjection

You might want to try noble, stoic silence?  No?  Oh, OK: frantic pitiful grovelling it is, then.



Don’t worry, it’s only until next Christmas, then she has other plans for her little porky-boy.




I imagine you’re expecting a joke here about being ‘tossed off’ but I won’t because (a) it would be weak, unfunny and in very poor taste and (b) I’ve done it several times before.



Her paces, obviously.  Moron.  Do you expect her to change the way she walks just to accommodate you?


Personally I’d rather they were in those cute Young Communist Pioneer outfits.  But my opinion doesn’t matter.







0 thoughts on “Love and abjection”

  1. Hello Servitor regarding the piggie do you think she will tell him about next Christmas, perhaps give him a calendar to cross off the day's.

  2. Hello Chas

    Yes, that's a nice idea. And a chart to help monitor his weight: remarkably, unlike many dominant ladies, she's not put him on a strict diet: on the contrary, she actually instructed him to gain a few pounds! She serious about it too – gets thoroughly cross if he does not finish his slops.

    Ah, there are some lucky chaps out there. Hope you're one of them.

    Best wishes


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