Lashes speak louder then words

Surprise her and you might get a surprise yourself. Or you might not – that’s all part of the fun.
Actually, almost anything that maledom porn depicts being done to females can be done to males too, as long as you’re prepared to make a few cuts and alterations.
Looks good on her. Let’s hope it wasn’t anyone you knew.
Men often say things they later regret.
Plus it’s good for him to have an opportunity to experiment where it doesn’t matter if he makes a mistake and ends up breaking something.
She really shouldn’t worry; it’ll be fine.

Pretty woman don’t make me cry

What’s that?  Oh, I ticked ‘make me cry’ on the session negotiation form?  Oh yes, so I did.  Sorry, my mistake: go ahead then.


Just hand me the lipstick and stand aside, little lady.  I got this.

Very public-spirited of them to help out, I say.


You might worry that if she just gets high grades without effort, she might end up with no skills and in a low-wage dead-end career.  Don’t worry: she’s developing lots of skills and her future in a high-paying professional career is almost guaranteed.

What, did you think she just… I dunno… abducted guys and skinned them in her basement? You’ve been reading too much lurid fantasy.  Relax, OK?

I wonder why she went too far like that?  She’s supposed to be a professional.





It’s all so calculating (she’s got a calculator)

You say you’ll never know him, he’s an unnatural man

It’s not the size anyway, it’s what you do with it.  And how many times.

He can say no, of course. As many times as he likes, actually.
She gets through boyfriends quite quickly, I’ve heard.  Must be a bit fickle, I suppose.  Shame, ‘cos she’s cute.

Looks good on her, don’t you think?  Better than on the donors, I expect.

Actually, there are lots of things they don’t approve of men doing. Good job you’ve got her to protect you.

Simply divine, darling

These things happen.  So do canings.

Pnk’s nice.  It’s a bit showy but manhide isn’t cheap, so why not flaunt it?

You have to hold the toungue very still while you do it, basically.  And of course, you can’t really use a gag, so you have to not mind screaming.  Fortunately, she doesn’t.

Works for me.

It’s not the actual intercourse, it’s the cuddle afterwards, I find.

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