Reigning in my heart

It’s best if she doesn’t do any rowing, as she wouldn’t want to work up a sweat and ruin the shoot… anyway, that’s what she brought you for. Don’t worry, she’ll probably do some paddling later, when the two of you are back at the hotel.
So much better to come to a negotiated settlement like this than have an unpleasant fight in court. More fun for her, too.
Not a good morning for her, not going to be a good evening for you. Consequences, remember?
She’s multi-tasking: doing stuff and ignoring you.
If you want to dispute the analogy, I’m sure she’d be only too happy to force your feet into a nice pair of 5-inch heels for the last two flights.
I think Ryan would definitely say it’s up to her.

Romantically hers


What a nightmare.  That happened to me once, but fortunately the lady I’d been following was very kind and really nice about it.  I can’t say the same about my SO when I was finally handed back, but being kind and nice just isn’t her thing.

If it’s important, it’s worth discussing properly, right?

Here we go again.

The weird thing is, he had his tonsils out when he was a kid. Must have grown back, I suppose.  Things sometimes do, you know.

Probably she’ll just be lying in bed later, trying to get to sleep, and it’ll just pop into her head, just like that.  Or in the morning.  Whatever.

Speaking of subjective opinions, I’d be interested in any thoughts on Blogger/Blogspot’s new policy of requiring sign-in for adult-themed blogs like this (I’ve personally always thought that it’s best described as childish and immature rather than adult, but there you go…).  I hadn’t even noticed, as I’m permanently logged in, but a commenter on my mirror Tumblr site let me know.

You’re the wrong people to ask, really, because by definition you’re here so it hasn’t stopped you.  But it seems from Internet chatter to have happened around the start of February and my traffic stats do seem to have dropped in half, overnight.

Hmm.  It’s not too bad.  Many people have Google IDs and some won’t even notice, like me.  But it’s a shame if new people cannot get here from search engines and suchlike.  I looked into alternative places to blog a few years back, when there was a threat to block adult blogs entirely, and I set up my Tumblr site but I cannot move fully there because (a) it doesn’t allow nakedness and although unlike many adult blogs, I rarely feature fully undressed ladies, this blog has never had a problem with images of males in the natural animal state in which the Goddess created them, their vulnerable flesh reddening under a whip or goose-pimpling as they engage in vigorous productive outdoor activity on a crisp winter morning in the snow.  Sorry, where was I?  Oh yes: (b) Tumblr is basically a clip or photo-sharing site.  I need a blank sheet of paper to write stuff; I still occasionally write stories and so on. Tumblr is more like a social media ‘feed’ but this blog – like its author – is hopelessly stuck in the past and I want a web page people come to and ‘read’.

Any thoughts?

Praise where it’s due

Actually, in context that word made perfect sense.  Just like the words “worm”, “pervert” and “weirdo” in the various contexts she used them in your last performance review.

Good practice for tomorrow.  Sven’s a bit larger – and I imagine his brothers are similar.

Lucy doesn’t mind.  She’s nice like that.

Easier just to run the sessions in parallel, you might think.  And if anyone paid the slightest attention to what you thought, maybe you’d be right, but they don’t so you’re not.





Then later on, you can clean up the sticky messes upstairs too.  Probably won’t taste as nice, so make the most of this bit.




Rigorously unfair

Yes, just imagine.  Still, no harm done to anyone who matters on this occasion, thank goodness.




Maybe if you wipe around the rim it won’t look so bad and Cathie won’t be cross… oh, who am I kidding?



You already ‘dared’ when you turned up for the session.  Now for a few truths.




I’m afraid she’s just willfully denying reality, there.  Phish Food is much better.






Or spoken, known about or even defined.  Don’t worry, you’ll soon get the hang of it.








Lady drivers


What sixth sense is it that tells me that when Cindy finally gets the rock of her dreams, she’s going to want it put right back where it came from?




It’s her way of coping with grief.  Don’t worry, she got plenty of cock on the second night of her marriage, though.




You know you’re going to be in good hands.




He was right about one thing: one minute did indeed turn out to be more than was really needed.




If you’re wondering how she intends to tackle the awesome responsibility of deciding who stays and who ends up in the bin-liner, she – oh, she already decided apparently.  But I’m sure she gave it a lot of thought – you know, just very quickly.


Sexually irresponsible

 I used to be sexually irresponsible, but someone has kindly taken responsibility now, so that’s all right.

Male chess players need to learn that being beaten at the game by a female player isn’t humiliating.  Believe me, there are much more humiliating ways of being beaten by a female, if you only seek them out.

I’ve never understood why dominant ladies so often like to promise me more to cry about.  I don’t find it the least bit reassuring.

So much to look forward to.

She shouldn’t let him exploit her like that.

She seems quite forceful. It’s probably just as well for Gerald that he’s only marrying one of her.*

*NB, although this blog generally does not seek to provide advice on safe, sane and consensual BDSM, readers might want to consider the advisability of a romantic relationship with any woman who refers to them as ‘human male’.

Attention Trump voters

Yes, you.  There must be some that read this blog. According to Google (admittedly part of the tech libtard conspiracy, so who can believe their numbers, right, I mean they’ve got like percentages and everything and who can understand that?) many “readers” of this blog come from the US of A.  Most of those “readers”, I’m willing to bet, are male or at least notionally so.  Submissive males probably tend more toward the other political party, as its policies place more emphasis on caring and nurturing and rather less on “grabbing ’em by the pussy” than the current Republican leadership.  Nonetheless, statistically speaking, at least a few of you are likely be planning to vote for Trump, even though compared to many pornographic blogs out there, this one does occasionally use long words so you probably find it quite hard to understand sometimes.

So: this particular post is addressed to you.  Hi there!  This is for your attention, as likely Trump voters (where the word ‘attention’ basically means ‘lookit’ and ‘voting’ is the thing where morons like you, for reasons that must have made sense some time to someone, have a say in choosing who runs the most powerful country on Earth.)

Anyway, I myself have no stake in the presidential election, partly because I don’t really believe in males voting, but mainly because I’m not American. Yes, all this time you’ve been looking at sexy pictures and failing to get most of the jokes on a blog written by a durn furrener.  And you can’t even chant ‘Send him home!’ because I already am.  Sorry.

So it’s none of my business.  As it happens, my own political views lead me to be somewhat reluctant to support a candidate who endorses a platform of “grab ’em by the
pussy”, whose every former colleague calls him an idiot and a crook, who has been selling the country’s interests out to brutal dictators and through incompetence has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of his fellow citizens while suggesting they inject bleach as a cure but that’s just me.  People are entitled to
their own political views, no matter how moronic and deluded they

And I suppose it would be constitutionally improper for me to seek unduly to influence anyone’s vote. So, without in any way making a party political point, I’ll just note that IF the Harris/Biden ticket wins today (or is declared to win later, not on the night itself, which is a perfectly normal outcome in elections in lots of countries and no reason to abandon 250 years of democratic principles and anyway what the hell is the deal with the TV networks being the ones who ‘call’ who has won before the votes are counted?) this blog will reward the American people by celebrating “Take the nuclear launch authorisation codes away from the orange-skinned narcissistic science-denying buffoon week”, with three extra captioned images every day, for your amusement.

Three a day for a week, Trump voters. Think of that. How many’s that in total, you ask? Well.. let’s just say it’s more than you have fingers and toes… unless you’re from some particularly in-bred rural community.  ‘Nuclear’ means the same as ‘nukillah’, by the way, it’s just the libtard way of spelling and pronouncing it.

But we don’t get to celebrate “Take the nuclear launch authorisation codes away from the orange-skinned narcissistic science-denying buffoon week” if he ‘wins’ re-election, do we?  No we don’t.  Glad we had this little chat.

I’m just, y’know, putting it out there for people to decide, as someone likes to say.

Anyway, here’s the usual stuff.


I suspect it’s his fault: he’s not trying hard enough. Perhaps she could help him focus.




Tell me what? What is the point of captions that don’t go anywhere?  Now I’ll be getting more complaints from anonymous commentators.

Sounds like Annie’s been very reasonable.  Which is odd, as she isn’t usually like that, especially where men are concerned.

You are going to be seeing quite a lot more of this goddess with the innocent wide eyes, as I’ve just found a web site devoted to images of her and given many of them the good hard captioning they deserve.

Notice how the caption delicately makes sure it is understood that this image involves neither incest nor under-age sex.  As they always will – if you see a captioned image here and think ‘OK, so that must be his daughter, right?’ you’ve mis-understood and it isn’t.

But they do it for our sakes, bless ’em.

She’s right, you know

 She just is.

SO once told me that it was on our honeymoon that I gave her the best
sex she’s ever experienced.  Which is a bit of luck, really, as you
never know what you’re going to get when you’re in a foreign place and
you don’t know the escort agencies well.

It’s only fair: she took his electric razor, when they split up, I understand.

Got there eventually.  Well done.  Now let’s talk about ironing pleats.

Don’t worry: he won’t allow himself to be improperly influenced.  Properly influenced, yes, certainly, possibly even vigorously influenced.  But no more than that.

Women, eh?  Sometimes you’re supposed to scream in agony, sometimes you’re supposed to stay silent.  How are we supposed to know?  I mean, unless they use ball-gags and stuff.

Feminine tuition


Just go with it, Robert.  See where it takes you.
He’ll be genius-level.  And that’s just the first batch.
Unlike many dominant ladies, my own SO quite enjoys it when I disagree with her.  Says she finds it stimulating – I do too.

There are some very responsible positions available. Of course, George would have to serve his time as a tampon boy, but do a good job there for a few years and the sky’s the limit.

She’s doing the scene a real service.

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