Rigorously unfair

Yes, just imagine.  Still, no harm done to anyone who matters on this occasion, thank goodness.




Maybe if you wipe around the rim it won’t look so bad and Cathie won’t be cross… oh, who am I kidding?



You already ‘dared’ when you turned up for the session.  Now for a few truths.




I’m afraid she’s just willfully denying reality, there.  Phish Food is much better.






Or spoken, known about or even defined.  Don’t worry, you’ll soon get the hang of it.








0 thoughts on “Rigorously unfair”

  1. Wiping around the drink rim may be the first rimming he does!
    And yes, unwritten rules are a Woman’s prerogative!SaraE

  2. Oh ho ho! You know, it's quite rare to have a commenter making a pun even worse than those I put in the captioned images. Thank you so much for that, it makes me feel almost normal.

    Best wishes


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