A few bad men

Let’s hope she learns from this little conundrum.  An espresso machine prepared and ready to go just within button-pressing reach of a pilloried hand and she can have her aching, tearful, regretful husband and a freshly brewed cup, both at the same time. 

Most of the choices I face are no-brainers, which all the women who have ever known me would probably agree is just as well.

Princess Kali, there – lovely and an accomplished author too.

She could even theme your confession with the outfit by putting the lasso of truth around you. That would be a nice, gentle start to what is about to happen.


Let’s hope the greeting ritual she chooses is number 17.  I’m particularly good at that one.



Come on… you’ve got this.  Two pawns down is nothing – you started with ten of them, right?  Something like that.  Try moving one of the little horsey ones.

0 thoughts on “A few bad men”

  1. I need coffee too, sweet Servitor…Zoe

    Babe, we need to talk. No, don't give me that look, you know very well what you did to upset me.

    That is right you were serving me and Amanda some coffee and cake and you stared long and hard at her legs. I know she has amazing legs, but you are a beta male and you don't get to lust over my friends, ok?

    You will write 200 lines of ''I must not stare at the legs of my wife's friends.''

    When Amanda comes round tomorrow you will apologize and give her the lines you have written, understand? Good boy.

    Now, I have been considering your request for an increase in your allowance, as prices are rising. It is at present, 25 pounds per week, for sundries. I think that is generous, but I know you have to pay for your bus fare to work and for a snack at lunch time. So, what will happen is that you will itemize everything you spend next week down to the last penny and on Saturday I will look at the figures and make a decision, ok?

    I have noticed you are looking a bit sad recently, anything you want to ask me or say about it?

    ''Zoe darling, it's just it has been over a year since my Chastity Cage has been taken off and I am frustrated. I know, goddess, that each time there has been a review of my behavior there has been a valid reason why I can't be released, but it makes me sad.''

    Noted, now get on with the ironing, and you better start the lines for Amanda as she will be here in an hour. Whilst you were whining about your damn silly chastity she texted me.

    Good boy!


  2. Babe, can you be a sweetie? I know you are doing the ironing and you have a wash on but, goddess needs you to do me a quick favor, ok.

    I know, I know I am such high maintenance, but I am also your goddess owner.

    Well, Richard's car is giving him trouble, so please go to his house and pick him up. I'll let you take the Lexus. Just remember open the door for him, don't speak unless he speaks first. Don't tell him anything about me. You can wear a nice white shirt with that skirt.

    Good boy! Oh and don't forget you must finish your chores tonight. Report to me at bedtime (8.00 pm) and I will see how much more you have to do and see if you can have an extension.


    Hi, Richard, hope my sissy wasn't rude. He is quite a good driver. Would you like a coffee?

    Hey sissy, get us some coffee.


  3. Lines, allowance, chastity, ironing… so many things for your poor Babe to keep track of, Ms Zoe. I'm sure he'd appreciate his life being simplified if there's anything you can do in that respect.

    Best wishes


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