Sometimes there are no words

No, sometimes there are no words.

Even those of us who write, who publish our words on the Internet, who drive ourselves to comment and opine on every passing Internet fad… We joke, we comment, everything is merely grist for more layers of irony and context.  Yet sometimes even we see something about which there’s nothing to say.  Our words rest unsaid in our mouths, our fingers tap reflexively on the keyboard but no keys are pressed. What could we say?

No words I could write could add to the power of this image. They could only cheapen it: interpreting a picture that cannot have any meaning beyond itself.

Sometimes there are no words of meaning, there is mere description, categorisation.  So let me try.

Debbie Harry in a gymslip.

Debbie Harry.  

In a gymslip.

This blog is complete .  It should end on that note.  That would be fitting.  That would be right. 

It will carry on, of course it will.  But after this, everything will be mere shadows and echoes.

Debbie Harry… in a gymslip.

There are no more words.

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