Beauty and some beasts


In some great literature, the characters form lasting attachments. In snip-lit, it’s usually the opposite.



It’s good that he’s supporting her artistic development – and she his.


Trevor’s the one on the left.  You might think, looking at him, that he’s made quite a few ‘noble gestures’ lately, but in fact it’s just that his work shift on the treadmill happened to coincide with Madame Sarka’s turn to be overseer.

Or it might not.  It’s really not going to affect things either way, to be honest.

I think it’s horrible when people abuse riding crops by using them on horses.







Traditional crop-wielding ladies


Not a problem: premium cat food doesn’t actually taste as nice as the adverts imply.  In fact, in tests I understand eight out of ten slaves said they preferred to go hungry than be forced to eat it… but why should anyone care about that?



Which is odd, because women are supposed to be good at empathy.


Having said which, these two – while not exactly exhibiting empathy I’ll admit – are certainly very concerned to ensure fair treatment of all of the prisoners.  Which is nice.




She does use him for sex, but only in a facilitative capacity.




And I’m very persuadable.  I’ll even pay for it.

Unoriginal sins

Don’t worry: you’ll feel her pain

It probably wouldn’t say anything very interesting, to be honest.  Mostly whiny pleading.  They’re not missing anything.

Like many male teachers in girls’ secondary schools, he often finds himself being the teacher who has to deal with the bullies.
I understand that if you actually open them up, by breaking the flesh from whipping too hard for example, you can void the warranty.  But it doesn’t sound like she’s done that, so it’s probably OK.

She’s not a pro-domme, anyway, because to the eternal howls of anguish from love-sick slaves, I believe Lady Sophia Black has retired.

Whip service

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…Oh well, at least you’re still alive, right?

They still call him ‘Fatso’: the name they gave him when he arrived.  I think that’s unnecessarily insulting, to be honest.
BDSM can be an excellent way of relieving stress, while also increasing it.
Why does femdom have to be so complicated?  Can’t I just have my ‘happy ending’?  No?  Oh, OK. 

There’s lots of animal roleplay – no need to just limit it to ponies and puppies.  My SO likes to play ‘annoying bluebottle’ for example.  The swatter’s fun, the electric zapper’s edgy but since she started spraying the flyspray into my mouth, I’ll confess I’m finding it harder to get into it.

Baby it’s cold outside

…but not quite cold enough yet for me to be allowed to sleep in the house.  Never mind.  Here are some wintrish captions.

It’s a bit cruel of her, to focus so much on the depressing news of our changing climate. Look how unhappy he seems.

The treatment he’s experiencing looks most unethical.  I’d click to inform People for the Ethical Treatment of Males about this disgraceful behaviour, but I only have one hand free and that one’s typing.

Oh well.  At least your day had the prospect of some meaning, for one brief moment.  Back to your squalid and pointless existence.
The UK’s not generally known for its outdoor porn shoots: pallid, goose-pimpled flesh shivering under a grey sky isn’t really a turn-on for most punters.  Femdom porn, as ever, is an exception and Cruella especially has lovingly documented the effects of the changing seasons on the male British body.  The shoot above appears to me to be in early summer, when the weather is no longer wintry but is turning merely ‘bloody cold’.  Impressive they managed to find a day when it wasn’t raining, too.

OWK does actually have a complaints box for its male guests, surprisingly enough.  I spent six hours in it once. 

Twas the night before Christmas

… when all through the night
not a penis was stirring,
all locked up quite tight.


Look, she said it, not me – OK readers?  I respect and cherish each and every one of you. But she doesn’t.

 The divine Mistress Eleise.  You might have seen her here once or twice before, I suppose.

You’ll look back with longing at this, come summer, when she’s whipping you up a hot gravel track under the merciless sun.


1.2 seconds of pure bliss.  But, you know, it’s not just Christmas that comes but once – oh, hang on.


I used to suffer from low self-esteem.  But then I just decided to enjoy it instead.
And the divine Divine Mistress Heather, too.


He should pay attention to this blog over the next few days.


Active-aggressive behaviour

Actually, I think her levels of married bliss have never been higher.


Have you noticed their expressions?  I don’t think they’re going to argue about this. Sometimes couples already really know what needs to be done – the role of the external expert is just to help them open up about it to each other.


He does still participate in rapes from time to time, though.  Just in a different role.


Valuable protein.
That kind of bitchy behaviour is quite unusual in OWK, actually. Generally, the ladies work within a supportive and positive team culture.  It’s about mutual respect in the workplace, basically.

At this moment, you mean everything

You in that dress
My thoughts I confess
Verge on dirty
come on Eileen..pleeease.



It’s good to be fit. You get to be flogged further, before collapsing.


Oh, OK.  And I suppose my opinion counts for nothing, here?
Good thing you have an ironing fetish!  You don’t?  Oh. Oh well.
Shall I compare thee to a… errrr… purple cucumber?  Thou art more knobbly and thy veins pulse with lust…


One of my virtual girlfriends is programmed to find out about the others, and ridicule me. 

Actually, that’s not true. I can’t keep a virtual girlfriend for long.  They always reject me.  So unkind…


You’ll always find me in the corner at parties

Yeah.  I was always one of those guys in the corner at parties.  You know?  Just standing there, all embarassed, not knowing what to say as the laughter and flirting went on all around me? 

My nose pressed tightly against the angle of the walls, and my trousers down around my ankles exposing my red, spanked buttocks for all to see.

I guess we’ve all been there, huh?

Femdom bully
It’s good to have a job doing something you love.  In my job, for example, I’m bossed around, humiliated and made miserable almost every day.  Mmmm.

Birched submissive
Ooops!  Don’t forget about consent, girls!  When you’re finishing, ask him if he agrees he deserved it.  It’s important.

Whipped with metal
Well, if you put it like that…

Countdown to orgasm - or not
Office life… it can be so stressful, can’t it?

Sadly, though, the inside looks pretty grotty, too. Unless you like gloomy dungeons walled with unfinished concrete and festooned with rusting chains.
Oh do you?  Oh, right.  You’re in for a treat, then.

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