Baby it’s cold outside

…but not quite cold enough yet for me to be allowed to sleep in the house.  Never mind.  Here are some wintrish captions.

It’s a bit cruel of her, to focus so much on the depressing news of our changing climate. Look how unhappy he seems.

The treatment he’s experiencing looks most unethical.  I’d click to inform People for the Ethical Treatment of Males about this disgraceful behaviour, but I only have one hand free and that one’s typing.

Oh well.  At least your day had the prospect of some meaning, for one brief moment.  Back to your squalid and pointless existence.
The UK’s not generally known for its outdoor porn shoots: pallid, goose-pimpled flesh shivering under a grey sky isn’t really a turn-on for most punters.  Femdom porn, as ever, is an exception and Cruella especially has lovingly documented the effects of the changing seasons on the male British body.  The shoot above appears to me to be in early summer, when the weather is no longer wintry but is turning merely ‘bloody cold’.  Impressive they managed to find a day when it wasn’t raining, too.

OWK does actually have a complaints box for its male guests, surprisingly enough.  I spent six hours in it once. 

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  1. I'm still waiting for femdom app like tindr. And while I know that it probably wouldn't work, maybe something like bdsm app? Anything? Please.

  2. Well, as it happens, I will be putting up a long and complicated post about the Slavr app in a month or so, if that's any help. Unfortunately, of course, I'd need to draw your attention to the general statement up there about the factual accuracy of this blog…

  3. I know, I know. I also know that this kind of app (femdom oriented) wouldn't be very popular (Dommes/subs ratio, etc.) so for now I have to stick to fantasy, which means that I am very grateful for your work. Funny thing, sometimes your photos with 4 or 5 words have greater impact than long stories by other authors. For example, year or two ago you have posted a photo of a girl looking at her phone, casually saying 'oh! someone bought you on ebay'. It is so simple yet so brilliant. I have created a whole lot of stories around it (in my head :P).

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