Impertinent features

The clever bit of the trick isn’t how she stubs the cigarette out, it’s how she has persuaded you to accept it – and even pay for the privilege.

The lovely Miss Zoe, who once gave me an unforgettable cuddle after a particularly hard spanking.



Gal wouldn’t need to lasso me to make me tell her the truth.  But she’s very welcome to do so anyway.




They say it gets easier after a year or two, so just keep going.


Ah, I’d forgotten that I’d done this one, when discussing precisely this situation on Paltego’s blog.




Women will only be truly free when every male is enslaved.  It’s sad that it has to be that way but… oh, hang on, it’s not sad at all, is it?



Servitor worshipfully presents a triptych of Strict Miss Zoe*.  That’s a piece of art – usually with a religious theme, as here – in three parts**.  Did you know that?  Now you do.





* Strict Miss Zoe can be found at, among a few other places.  And she can be found, and met, in England, and I have, and she is just lovely.  Such a sweet, fun and friendly person.  Well, and very painful too, obviously.  In an adorable way.

** It should really go across to be a proper triptych, actually. And fold out. But it doesn’t. I bet that’s just spoiled the whole thing for you, right?

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