Impertinent features

The clever bit of the trick isn’t how she stubs the cigarette out, it’s how she has persuaded you to accept it – and even pay for the privilege.

The lovely Miss Zoe, who once gave me an unforgettable cuddle after a particularly hard spanking.



Gal wouldn’t need to lasso me to make me tell her the truth.  But she’s very welcome to do so anyway.




They say it gets easier after a year or two, so just keep going.


Ah, I’d forgotten that I’d done this one, when discussing precisely this situation on Paltego’s blog.




Women will only be truly free when every male is enslaved.  It’s sad that it has to be that way but… oh, hang on, it’s not sad at all, is it?


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  1. Oh dear. I'd hate for this blog to lose its hard-earned reputation for rigorous factual inaccuracy. I'll try to do better.

    Best wishes


  2. Well who wouldn't? Personally, I'd prefer a foot to the face, with a brief view of muscled thigh behind fully extended whirling leg preceding it, but I'm not picky. If Gal preferred another target, I certainly wouldn't argue. She can practise those Israeli Defence Force moves on me until there's nothing left but a battered, bruised but happy remnant of a Servitor. Sigh…

    Many thanks for commenting.

    Best wishes


  3. So, the one with the woman ignoring the safeword (and don't get cute with me that's what's happening)

    I don't like it. The safeword means that is a scene. It's the sort of real-world BDSM people engage in. It's not mind control or aliens enslaving the earth, it's representing something that could happen. That means ignoring the safeword is fucked up, and not in a hot way.

    It's a scenario where an agreed-upon scene has become abuse of power and just abuse in general and I REALLY do not like it when BDSM fiction just casually crosses that line. It's such a common trope and it always gets played as if it's not, you know, deeply problematic.

  4. OK, thank you for commenting.

    I certainly don't dispute your interpretation of the caption and I am sorry you don't like it. A great many of my captions feature non-consensual 'problematic' situations: some fantastical, others more real-world. Within the latter, I have quite a few about women tricking men into being tied up for BDSM play then murdering them, for example. It's a fantasy or a joke and I know that some people believe very strongly one should not fantasise or joke about such horrible things and I respect that – the solution is not to read the blog. There is lots of stuff out there I, too, really don't like.

    If I thought any of the ridiculous things I put up here were actually likely to influence anyone's behaviour, I would not put them out. But I don't think that.

    Best wishes


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