And I’ll be (your sharp intake of breath)

 Mistress Lennox, of course… and that beardy bloke called Dave.

‘Ideas’ in the same sense that Pinterest sends me emails suggesting I check out ‘ideas’ about boots, corsets or traditional girls’ school uniforms.  And chickens, oddly enough.

Those vanilla passengers can be rather tiresome.  Fortunately one encounters fewer of them, these days.

I have a limited skill set, unfortunately.  And I’m rubbish at it.

Don’t worry – lots of bridegrooms feel a bit nervous on the big day.  None of the guests are likely to realise how well-founded your fears actually are.

It’s an arguable case, legally, or at least it would be were anyone in a position to argue about it.  Which they won’t be, obviously.

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  1. Well it is her special day. Of course I wouldn't dream of embarrassing her. I'm surprised that my presence at her side isn't embarrassment enough but I suppose that Sarah has given her approval. I expect I will be beaten tonight anyway. She deserves a satisfying and fulfilling end to her special day.

  2. ­čĄú Damn, I feel sorry for the dude that's about to get married. It should be a series in of itself, as a prequel perhaps. Her being a mafia boss would be a bit of a twist. You failed to pay her protection money, but she always had a thing for you, so she not only takes over your business, but forces you to marry her…or else.

  3. These are all wonderful, but something about the simplicity and the intrinsic acceptance of subbies on the airplane just pushes my joy button!

  4. Embarrassment, Melissa? Nonsense – she's delighted to be marrying you and she's looking forward to spending the rest of your lives together. Well, your life, anyway. She just wants to make sure nothing goes wrong on the big day, before the knot is tied, so to speak – and the shackles fitted and the iron collar welded shut too, of course.

    Best wishes


  5. Oh, don't feel sorry for him. I'm sure he deserves it and anyway, we should all be focused on what really matters, which is her happiness.

    A protection racket has always struck me as an odd idea: paying someone not to beat you up. For me, it has always been the opposite.

    Many thanks for commenting, Ding.

    Best wishes


  6. Thank you. Very glad to hear that and that your joy button is functioning normally. More and more airlines are now actually introducing a dedicated 'subbie class' for those owners who don't want their pets with them during the flight, but prefer them not to fly cargo. For one thing, that way they can offer the full range of 'special meals' without nauseating other passengers or breaking health and safety rules.

    Best wishes


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