Loving unkindness

There used to be a big problem with this sort of play in an office environment: which washrooms to use, the ladies’ or the gents’?  But more and more workplaces are moving to unisex, thank goodness, which makes (heterosexual) toilet play a lot less likely to cause a stir.




Yeah, she’s a sweetie.  By the way – this picture is the last known image of Helmut Kleinwanger, a German businessman who disappeared on a solo hiking holiday in the Czech republic.  If anyone has any information about what happened to him, please post it on a femdom porn story blog.




According to Freud, many men suffer from castration anxiety.  I quite often do, to be honest, but so far it’s always turned out OK.   


This caption was of course inspired by the 1960s film The Pure Hell of St Trinian’s, in which the temporary headmistress Matilda Harker-Packer (replacing the jailed Miss Fritton), played by Irene Handl, states proudly that she is among the very few heads of educational establishments who can produce a certificate actually  proving her sanity.  And you thought I only watched St Trinian’s movies for the sexy sixth-formers in gymslips!

run around for a bit to try to keep warm.  You’ll need the accumulated
body warmth, for when you’re in the pillory, later.  Especially during
the snowballing scene and the ice bucket challenge (I know, I know: ice
bucket challenges haven’t been a thing since 2019 but you just try
telling them that…).

He’ll have to learn to write backwards, which will be difficult.  Fortunately, they have some very effective teaching methods, for young males.

0 thoughts on “Loving unkindness”

  1. I like the recent captions with the concept "lesbian lover might castrate husband."

    What that says about me, IDK.

  2. Thank you for the comment. If you are notionally male, like me, then I suspect it means that you are as horrible a human being as I am, because I have recently done a tonne of them, not least because I have discovered this blog: scintillicious.tumblr.com . So there's more to come.

    I have also a few times run the changes on the idea in this one – of the husband being told off for anti-lesbian prejudice. Not all lesbians are castrating man-haters; in fact only a tiny minority of them are, so if you're unlucky enough to run into one, try not to fall into thinking that the stereotype is true. You could even treat it as an opportunity to challenge your thinking and educate yourself, for example by asking how she manages to navigate our hetero-normative society, while she hoists your ankles up in the stirrups. Or discussing the way in which body hair has been used in homophobic discourse about the lack of femininity of lesbians – the bit where she shaves your crotch as prep for the surgery could be a good opportunity for that, for instance.

    In any event, surveys have shown that only a tiny minority – 20%, 25% tops – of women have castration fantasies, and in fact it's much more common among heterosexual women than lesbians. So it's silly to go around worrying about it.

    Best wishes


    PS – If on the other hand, you are in fact female, then I think all it says about you is that you have perfectly normal sexual desires. I hope one day you find a partner who can help you fulfill them – or a series of partners. Preferably without committing actual crimes, or in any case without being caught.

  3. It seems Madamame Sarka is a constant character in those lovely OWK themed captions. I see her name a lot, and I must say I agree in your great taste in dominant women.
    But as much of a great Mistress as she is, I would not write anywhere on the Internet that she was "actually really nice". Not only because I wouldn't allow myself to lie like that; but because if someday by some remote chance you ever meet her, and she finds out about this blog, she will be rather pissed (even though she is apparentyl retired nowadays).

    -A humble anonymous commentator

  4. Ah well, you see HAC, lying is one of the very few things I am allowed. If I ever have the privilege of meeting her, I'll just shamefacedly confess all and I'm sure she'll see the funny side. I've heard she has a great sense of humour – she laughs a lot in many of the clips I've seen, anyway.

    Best wishes


  5. Well indeed. I've heard that is it possible to learn the Czech language very quickly indeed, with the right teachers making good use of innovative instruction techniques, so I imagine in her presence one would soon learn to scream her name fairly accurately.

    Best wishes


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