Sweet surrender


It’s basically harmless: it’s just in a cage to keep it from getting into trouble, that’s all.




Life-long learning.  Apparently we’ll all be doing that in the future, which sounds very exciting.




No, nothing.





Happiest day of your life they say.  OK, that’s not always true but it does seem certain there will be a great many days after this one that are thoroughly unhappy, so it’s quite an accurate description.

Oh well.  She tried.  Now she’ll try something else.


Attention Trump voters

Yes, you.  There must be some that read this blog. According to Google (admittedly part of the tech libtard conspiracy, so who can believe their numbers, right, I mean they’ve got like percentages and everything and who can understand that?) many “readers” of this blog come from the US of A.  Most of those “readers”, I’m willing to bet, are male or at least notionally so.  Submissive males probably tend more toward the other political party, as its policies place more emphasis on caring and nurturing and rather less on “grabbing ’em by the pussy” than the current Republican leadership.  Nonetheless, statistically speaking, at least a few of you are likely be planning to vote for Trump, even though compared to many pornographic blogs out there, this one does occasionally use long words so you probably find it quite hard to understand sometimes.

So: this particular post is addressed to you.  Hi there!  This is for your attention, as likely Trump voters (where the word ‘attention’ basically means ‘lookit’ and ‘voting’ is the thing where morons like you, for reasons that must have made sense some time to someone, have a say in choosing who runs the most powerful country on Earth.)

Anyway, I myself have no stake in the presidential election, partly because I don’t really believe in males voting, but mainly because I’m not American. Yes, all this time you’ve been looking at sexy pictures and failing to get most of the jokes on a blog written by a durn furrener.  And you can’t even chant ‘Send him home!’ because I already am.  Sorry.

So it’s none of my business.  As it happens, my own political views lead me to be somewhat reluctant to support a candidate who endorses a platform of “grab ’em by the
pussy”, whose every former colleague calls him an idiot and a crook, who has been selling the country’s interests out to brutal dictators and through incompetence has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of his fellow citizens while suggesting they inject bleach as a cure but that’s just me.  People are entitled to
their own political views, no matter how moronic and deluded they

And I suppose it would be constitutionally improper for me to seek unduly to influence anyone’s vote. So, without in any way making a party political point, I’ll just note that IF the Harris/Biden ticket wins today (or is declared to win later, not on the night itself, which is a perfectly normal outcome in elections in lots of countries and no reason to abandon 250 years of democratic principles and anyway what the hell is the deal with the TV networks being the ones who ‘call’ who has won before the votes are counted?) this blog will reward the American people by celebrating “Take the nuclear launch authorisation codes away from the orange-skinned narcissistic science-denying buffoon week”, with three extra captioned images every day, for your amusement.

Three a day for a week, Trump voters. Think of that. How many’s that in total, you ask? Well.. let’s just say it’s more than you have fingers and toes… unless you’re from some particularly in-bred rural community.  ‘Nuclear’ means the same as ‘nukillah’, by the way, it’s just the libtard way of spelling and pronouncing it.

But we don’t get to celebrate “Take the nuclear launch authorisation codes away from the orange-skinned narcissistic science-denying buffoon week” if he ‘wins’ re-election, do we?  No we don’t.  Glad we had this little chat.

I’m just, y’know, putting it out there for people to decide, as someone likes to say.

Anyway, here’s the usual stuff.


I suspect it’s his fault: he’s not trying hard enough. Perhaps she could help him focus.




Tell me what? What is the point of captions that don’t go anywhere?  Now I’ll be getting more complaints from anonymous commentators.

Sounds like Annie’s been very reasonable.  Which is odd, as she isn’t usually like that, especially where men are concerned.

You are going to be seeing quite a lot more of this goddess with the innocent wide eyes, as I’ve just found a web site devoted to images of her and given many of them the good hard captioning they deserve.

Notice how the caption delicately makes sure it is understood that this image involves neither incest nor under-age sex.  As they always will – if you see a captioned image here and think ‘OK, so that must be his daughter, right?’ you’ve mis-understood and it isn’t.

But they do it for our sakes, bless ’em.

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