Sweet surrender


It’s basically harmless: it’s just in a cage to keep it from getting into trouble, that’s all.




Life-long learning.  Apparently we’ll all be doing that in the future, which sounds very exciting.




No, nothing.





Happiest day of your life they say.  OK, that’s not always true but it does seem certain there will be a great many days after this one that are thoroughly unhappy, so it’s quite an accurate description.

Oh well.  She tried.  Now she’ll try something else.


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  1. In Eire they keep back children as a matter of course as part of the national school system. No need for Nieces to worry about things like that and expenditure. Femsup

  2. An alternative is just to marry the lad off to a lady with the right attitude. None of these flighty young girls: maybe some dowager in her fifties with a passion for riding who's prepared to take a young man in hand.

    Best wishes


  3. And his orgasms would stop when her eggs stopped coming. Ooops that might have been before they married him off. Poor poor lad. Femsup

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