She looked like something special

 …the kind who’d understand.

Perhaps she’ll bring you a treat.

Where there’s a will – and strong pelvic muscles, restraints and plenty of lube – there’s a way.

Some valuable soft skills there, to complement the hard skill set many of the senior staff already have.

If men’s libbers feel oppressed, they’ve got no one to blame but themselves.

Raoul has a gay friend!  Sign of the times.  Maybe he’s moving on from those ridiculous old-fashioned attitudes.

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  1. The dude getting married better hope she doesn't find out he's also a mens libber. She can either make his pegging pleasurable, or painful. Its up to him….And I'm sure she plans on dressing him up like a girl, since she is about to do him like one.

  2. Honey, come and sit on the floor by my feet. I noticed yesterday that you spent $5 without a receipt. Why is there no receipt?

    Oh it was for a leaving present for a co worker. So why didn't you use your cell and get permission?

    Oh, you were embarrassed. I understand, dear.

    Now listen very carefully, ok?

    You have an allowance to spend, firstly on the weekly food shopping for which there is a receipt, and secondly, on bus fares and other incidentals like a chocolate bar. You know you need receipts for these incidentals, ok?

    Now, stop fidgeting when I am talking. What you should have done is, instead of playing the big alpha male and giving 5 dollars, said I'm sorry I can't spend above my allowance. That seems fair, I'm sure your co workers would understand.

    I am tired of these incidents, honey. Last month you asked if you could go to the pub after work because Sally was leaving. Even though you know you have chores that must be done, you still asked if you could play the big man. Very disappointing, babe.

    You are my cute sissy beta honey, you are not like my boyfriend, Aaron.

    I know you are sorry, now dry your eyes. Just remember, you need permission to go over your allowance. Don't you agree I am very generous in your weekly allowance?

    Now, you wanted to ask me something.

    Pardon, after all I have said, you want to spend money on a subscription to the Men's Lib Club?

    I don't think that is a good idea. I am stopping you going any more, honey. You get such strange ideas when you attend. Come to think of it, is that where you got the idea of being allowed to spend money on leaving presents and pub visits?

    No more spending without receipts, no more silliness about acting like an alpha man and no more men's lib nonsense.

    Now go and handwash my panties, and no sniffing, ok?


  3. A lot of men's libbers don't even agree with the institution of marriage, I understand. Thank goodness they're not given any choice in the matter, that's what I say. Most of 'em just need a good hard pegging or two and they'll soon start to focus on what's important in life – and it's not men's 'liberation'.

    Many thanks for commenting, Ding.


  4. Thank you Miss Zoe. My SO likes to say that boys can sometimes be quite clever but rarely in a productive way and I usually have to admit she's right.

    Best wishes


  5. The strangest idea that boys get at men's lib meetings is the notion that they're 'oppressed' and need 'liberating' just because they're in loving relationships in which someone else takes on all the hard work of making decisions, managing the finances and checking everything's done properly. I don't know how I'd manage if I were young, free and single but fortunately I'm not any of those three things.

    Best wishes


  6. Yep, and the rule of the FLR marriage is that if he is still moving after pounding that prostate, and he didn't cum, you didn't do him hard and long enough. When making love, you are sending him a message, mixing pain and pleasure, that his little body belongs to you

  7. That is one of the rules of the FLR marriage, Ding, indeed. Not the only rule, in my experience, but definitely among the most important 30 or so.

    Best wishes


  8. Easy for you to say, as you're not on semen clean-up duty or sock detail. And his personal hygiene hasn't improved… I just don't know what she sees in him to be honest. But she likes having him around and she even let him stay the night her sister and mother came over – but I understand a good time was had by all, so who am I to complain?

    Best wishes


  9. He was listening to those scurrilous male libbers and took in their nonsense wining about always being at the bottom of the pile in a Female Supremacist world. Well now his bottom is uppermost in that same world.

    I think the new office boi will do well in the support team. The very supportive team I believe they are called as they are furniture for the Women in the office. Femsup

  10. Your most significant others Mother and Sister came over. You must have pricked up your ears when told to cook for 4 that evening. Well maybe Raoul pricked up your ears so to speak. Femsup

  11. Indeed. He should be grateful she's prepared to take so much trouble to explain the flaws in "men's lib" in a manner he can easily understand. And he will be – he'll thank her, in due course, you'll see.

    Best wishes


  12. A double entendre, Femsup? We'll have none of that smutty stuff here, thank you. Your wife's looking forward to a nice evening with Raoul, so obviously he'll give her one. He's got thyme for some lovely stuffing that'll really get her juices flowing, then later you can toss something off in the kitchen together.

    Fnarr fnarr


  13. They say humour can be a defensive mechanism, which is why I always used to try to bring along a good blonde joke or two when visiting Mistress Eleise de Lacy. I dread to think how the sessions would have gone had I not lightened the mood at the start, in that way.

    Best wishes


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