Unreasonable demands

Kitten can be awfully careless, with things that aren’t expensive designer items. She can be quite forgetful too, often letting things she said she’d do drift for months at a time. Months and months. But you have to forgive her.
Dommes are goddesses and should just spend their days in leisurely pursuits such as lounging around wearing uncomfortable rubber and leather gear, having the dirt on their boots pointlessly smeared around by a devoted slave’s tongue.
I will proudly bear the marks of any Mistress who chooses to beat me, as long as she doesn’t object to all the snivelling and frantic pleading for mercy that inevitably ensues once I realise that it’s much less fun in reality.
Try to make the most of it: after all, you’ll almost certainly never be as happy again as you are right now, on honeymoon with your beloved.
Schoolgirls hunt in packs – teachers should always remember that. By the way, in case you are worried, they didn’t like, kill, Mr Hargreaves or anything. I’ve been assured he’s still alive, although obviously the location they keep him in is a closely-guarded secret.

Begging her pardon

Like many submissive husbands, I have a lot of uncomfortable conversations.  Apparently it’s good for me, though, so I can’t complain.



Don’t say anything to make her think less of you, as she takes her leave of you – she is trying very hard to keep her vow to love you until death do you part.




The younger generation of female supremacists are less militant, more comfortable in their dealings with the opposite and inferior sex.  I think that’s great.




Can’t you tell she’s tired?



Actually, she does rather mind but she’s too kind-hearted to refuse her.





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