Unreasonable demands

Kitten can be awfully careless, with things that aren’t expensive designer items. She can be quite forgetful too, often letting things she said she’d do drift for months at a time. Months and months. But you have to forgive her.
Dommes are goddesses and should just spend their days in leisurely pursuits such as lounging around wearing uncomfortable rubber and leather gear, having the dirt on their boots pointlessly smeared around by a devoted slave’s tongue.
I will proudly bear the marks of any Mistress who chooses to beat me, as long as she doesn’t object to all the snivelling and frantic pleading for mercy that inevitably ensues once I realise that it’s much less fun in reality.
Try to make the most of it: after all, you’ll almost certainly never be as happy again as you are right now, on honeymoon with your beloved.
Schoolgirls hunt in packs – teachers should always remember that. By the way, in case you are worried, they didn’t like, kill, Mr Hargreaves or anything. I’ve been assured he’s still alive, although obviously the location they keep him in is a closely-guarded secret.

4 thoughts on “Unreasonable demands”

  1. ”Good morning, Hargreaves. My name is Goddess Zoe. You may not use my name, though, because you are not worthy. You will call me ‘ma’am’. Nod if you understand.”

    Mr Hargreaves nods, he is in a State Detention and Attitude Correction Facility deep in the countryside. He has been assigned to me for his initial training in obedience and humility. I am very experience in dealing with old teachers who think it is acceptable to spank a schoolgirl.

    Hargreaves, or H342516, is being held in a small cell measuring 6′ long by 3′ wide by 12’high. He sleeps on the floor and is fed via an orange coloured tube which fills a small bowl underneath it every day at 12 noon. The food consists of rice mixed with cabbage, leftovers from the meals eaten by the guards and a mixture of vitamins and pooh (mainly from schoolgirls donated by schools).

    ”H342516, stand to attention. Do not look at my face. Look at the floor. Do not look at my boots. Good. Well done. Follow me.”

    I took H342516 to the gym where he had to spend the next hour doing supervised activities to imprint his inferiority on his mind. All of the tasks are done by a group of five inmates together. This morning they are playing a game of Netball against some a team from a local High School.

    A netball game lasts for a regulation 60 minutes. This is split into four quarters, with each quarter lasting 15 minutes. The inmates must not touch or come too near one of the girls.

    To win in netball you must score more points than your opponent. The Goal Shooter and Goal Attack players, must attempt to shoot from inside the semi-circle. The girls can use any tactic to pass the ball and score, including smacking an inmates face or kicking them in the shin. The inmates must try to do their best but must not tackle a girl or try to get the ball. The girls may pass the ball to an inmate in order to amuse themselves.

    After the game H342516 is assigned to one of the schoolgirls to be caned for failing to touch the ball even once during the game. After the caning he thanks the girl, who is named Naomi.

    ”pppgghh Oh Goddess Naomi, thank you so much for the caning.
    I am sorry I couldn’t get to the ball. It was my failure.”

    After the game the inmates are taken to the feeding trough outside for lunch. The food smells foul, but is nutritious and healthy. The rice and pooh mixture must be eaten twice a day by all inmate. There is a large window by the trough and and the inmates can see the free men and women eating delicious food cooked by expert chefs in a sumptuous canteen.


    1. Thank you so much, Ms Zoe.

      The netball game especially sounds like a valuable learning experience for Mr H, teaching motor skills and providing healthy exercise to be sure, but also exemplifying some valuable lessons in life. Fairness and sportsmanship for example: very important in many ways, but not at all appropriate when females are playing males (as, in so many ways, they always are).

      Life’s not fair, after all, so why should State Detention and Attitude Correction Facilities be?

      Best wishes


  2. ”Max, keep out of my way today, ok? I am working from home so I will be mostly in the garden office. I have a major contract to examine and give my opinion on. If I need you I will buzz.”

    ”Yes, goddess. Of course goddess. May I go and do the food shopping as usual?”

    ”Yes, you may. Just text me to say when you are going and when you get back. You have the list I wrote for you?”

    ”Yes goddess. I know you want the country brie and some nude pantyhose and some muesli from the deli”.

    I was so intent on finishing the report that I really wasn’t thinking about Max. Whether he was polite or wearing the correct clothes. I grabbed a coffee and headed down thew garden to the office. It is quite a large space with wifi and electricity, lighting and a small kitchenette for snacks. The desk faces the beautiful garden and I can have the bifold doors open. One wall is filled with books and there is a kneeling stool for Max when I am feeling the need for foot worship.

    I went to the office at 8.00 am and by 12 noon I was nearly finished and ready to send my boss, Marjorie, a draft for her approval. I knew how important my work was because a 25 million dollar deal rested on the accuracy and provisions of the contract. This is not unusual in my work.

    Max got back from his shopping trip and texted me at 10.00 am.

    He then got on with his chores and, as I stipulated, kept out of my way. He hates it when he doesn’t have access to my smelly, stinky feet, especially in the morning, so I knew he would be a bit grumpy.

    At noon I strolled out into the garden and went into the kitchen. I poured myself a coffee and, as I expected, Max appeared and knelt by my feet.

    He is such a good boy and was keeping out of my way and not speaking, but just adoring me. This amused me for some reason.

    ”Max. Go away and leave me alone, please.”

    ”Yes goddess. I got all the shopping and I have vacuumed the whole house. May I go into the garden and enjoy the sunshine, goddess?”

    ”You may, but keep out of my sight, ok, keep to the western edge for a while. I’ll have supper at 5.00 pm, so think about when you need to be in to prepare it. Don’t be too long out there, it is a privilege for you to be outside, you know that”

    The garden is a place for women only. Sissy boys only need be out there if they are weeding or clipping or suchlike. I was pleased with Max, it must have been horrible for him to keep out of my way.

    After a while Marjorie rang and said my report was perfect and thanked me for my hard work.

    I can feel a big bonus is coming for me this year.


    1. It sounds like little Maxie is contributing a lot to your undoubtedly stellar success, Ms Zoe. I hope you’ll ensure his contribution is appropriately rewarded. That new apron, for instance – only fair finally to give into his pleadings, if the bonus is in six figures? Up to you of course.

      They do say that underneath every successful woman there is a subjugated male and just for once ‘they’ may well be right.

      Best wishes


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