Bending to her will

Let’s hope Julie’s not still upset about that bad performance review.  Sometimes feedback can be unpleasant and hard to take – but it just has to be accepted. I hope she understands that.
Remember you’re an individual: you’re not defined entirely by what’s written on your collar.
Ah, teenage masturbation!  Goodness, that seems so long ago now.  How lucky I am that my SO has put all that well and truly behind me.
The boots are a lot tastier than the airline food.
The female orgasm can be a mysterious – and very painful – thing.

4 thoughts on “Bending to her will”

  1. Caption 2: He could like, try begging her to take ownership of him if his current mistress is so awful, or he could try running away. Maybe he’ll eventually run right into the arms of a gentler, kinder, more merciful mistress willing to own him. He better think fast, and decide if its worth the risk.

    1. They do say “better the devil you know” and the same can be true of sadistic slave-driving castratrices, I suppose.

      I mean, what’s the point in having a slave if you’re only going to be kind to him?

      Best wishes


  2. Caption 4:
    One hour later, after arrival at the destination, he is seen, quivering, fearful, wincing with every step, giving off soft, low moans, his face teary eyed with red cheeks. Looks like he was compelled, quite thoroughly into admiring a lot more than just her boots.

    1. On the plus side, I understand she sneakily managed to give him enough frequent flyer points so that he can just go back and forth on that same route every week for the rest of his life.

      Best wishes


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