A feminine touch

Well… doesn’t hurt to ask, does it?
Arguably it should be your father-in-law’s job, but apparently now he’s getting on a bit, his wife’s decided she wants to make sure that every moment of his remaining time with her is spent restrained and in agony, so they could use the help.
Don’t worry, I’m sure the shop assistant will be very understanding. In my experience, they understand perfectly.
He’s certainly getting his money’s worth.
The lovely Mistress Sidonia, of course. An inspiration to everyone who has to do their femdom on a budget: she must have one of the best-equipped facilities in the world but she still knows the value of a wire coat-hanger in really hard-core femdom play.
It’s silly to be squeamsih about a little thing like murdering a male, but some girls are like that.


… and very nice too*

All the ways I could be a better husband?  Wow.  I think I’m going to need two days locked in the stocks, at least.

What a lot of fuss, about a routine operation.  You’d think I was the first person whose tonsils she’d removed.  I… hang on… didn’t I have my tonsils out when I was a teenager? 
Oh, don’t worry: I’ll keep looking. I might cry a little, if that’s OK.

She insists on her tea being just the way she likes it. Also the ironing, bed corners, washing up, bookshelves, underwear drawer, bath, breakfast, ornaments, cushions, carpets, gin & tonic, shoes, lawn, floor tiles, nail polish, ….
The splendidly-named Miss Hunter, on whose wall I would love to end up as a trophy.

Many dommes find the things we submissives do disgusting.  That’s why they so enjoy hitting us.

* but if anyone happens to be able to locate the scene in the British sitcom Game On (rather a lovely ‘situation’: sad male failures share flat with goddess) in which Samantha Janus rushes around putting her make-up on to this song, I’d be most grateful.

Error correction mechanisms

My Significant Other has quite a few of them.

Cruella domme of my adolescent dreams...ahhhh
If the lipstick smear on her cigarette doesn’t act like a religious icon for you, you’re reading the wrong blog.

Bent over double and naked...but happy
And it’s only just gone the longest day, too.  Those long summer evenings, eh?

secretary humiliation oh my
Julie looks nice, doesn’t she?  Funny how looks can be deceptive like that.

The strap...again
If you’ve forgotten, don’t worry – she’ll just let you keep confessing to things until you get it.

Chastity with a smile
Isn’t that brave?  This is so hard for her to do – but aren’t you proud that she resisted the temptation to give in to her sweeter nature?  Again?

Incidentally, Servitor will be having a correction session this Thursday.  So if there’s anything relating to this blog you want to complain about, now’s a really a good time.  I’ll pass on your comments to Someone who can deal me, err… I mean them properly.

Devotional images

Squirm in front of two lovely lesbians
Isn’t it nice to be the focus of attention by not one but two lovely ladies?

Slovakian slavonian slovenian let's call the whole thing off
Slab psiček!  (possibly)

femdom caption oh no please don't stamp on my face!
…and then thank her afterwards, of course.

Yummy muddy boots
I’ve alwsys assumed that’s a British-English phrase, but Kurt Vonnegut uses it (his critics can take a flying fuck at the mooooon!).  Oh, sorry, aren’t you here to read about etymology?

Stocks and fair shares femdom caption oh you know the rest
Maybe one weekend, if she’s feeling kind, she’ll move it so it faces outwards?  But she’s not known for feeling kind.
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