A feminine touch

Well… doesn’t hurt to ask, does it?
Arguably it should be your father-in-law’s job, but apparently now he’s getting on a bit, his wife’s decided she wants to make sure that every moment of his remaining time with her is spent restrained and in agony, so they could use the help.
Don’t worry, I’m sure the shop assistant will be very understanding. In my experience, they understand perfectly.
He’s certainly getting his money’s worth.
The lovely Mistress Sidonia, of course. An inspiration to everyone who has to do their femdom on a budget: she must have one of the best-equipped facilities in the world but she still knows the value of a wire coat-hanger in really hard-core femdom play.
It’s silly to be squeamsih about a little thing like murdering a male, but some girls are like that.

5 thoughts on “A feminine touch”

  1. ”Max, be quiet please. Have you finished preparing our sweet dish? Yes? Then go and serve it. Sorry, he is such a silly today.”

    ”Ma’am, this is my special apple pie, it is an old recipe, I hope you all enjoy.”

    ”Oh it looks yummy, Max. You are clever. Zoe, you must be proud of Max.”

    ”Yes, of course, he is such a good sissy. Now go and have your food in the kitchen, honey. I will ring the bell when you are needed again.”

    ”So sweet, Zoe. He is really well behaved.”

    Sissy slaves love to please, it is in their nature. They need strict discipline and have reason to fear you, but they can be trained to be delightful slaves for the modern home. There are some commentators who think it is cruel, sissy slavery, but domestic slaves are well cared for, eat well and are loved as amusing pets and companions.


    1. Yes, I’ve always been something of a people-pleaser myself, in intention at least if not always results, and as long as the people in question are sufficiently important (so: not male). My SO set up a system of rewards and punishments where the reward is usually absence of punishment, but really for me the pleasure of seeing her looking unfurious with my performance is reward enough.

      Best wishes and many thanks for your comments (is the process any easier?)


  2. Actually, I think it’s mostly just been WordPress being rubbish today, Ms Zoe. I couldn’t get in most of the day, either.

    But I’ll tweak the settings a bit more anyway. Thanks for letting me know.

    Best wishes


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