Power and glory

For ever and ever…

The star jumps are the worst part.
Oi – don’t you know it’s rude to listen in on other people’s phone calls? It’s the taste of her shoes you’re paying for, not her private life.
It would have been a messy divorce. This solution is much neater.
Cum is actually quite healthy – very low fat. Just ask anyone who’s had to try to survive on a diet of nothing else.
Oh well, it’ll make a refreshing change to stand in a different corner afterwards.
My own wedding night was exhausting, I have to confess. 60 guests can leave a lot of mess.

8 thoughts on “Power and glory”

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Ms Zoe. I hadn’t realised. I really ought to try accessing and commenting from a different address from time to time to check on that kind of thing. I set up a new anti-spam plugin and maybe it’s too restrictive. I’ll take a look and try to sort out over the next day or two.

      Best wishes


  1. ”Excuse me ma’am, is this your sissy? Only they usually go into the creche room at the back.”

    ”Yes, this is Max, my sissy slave husband. Does he have to go to the creche, only it is a treat for him. Do you have the sissy menu, please?”

    ”That is OK, ma’am. It’s just some sissy’s get restless and silly. Here is the menu for you, ma’am, and the sissy menu for the sissy. The sissy special is ‘Norfolk Brown Pie, with extra Urine.”

    The waitress left us to look at the menu. I was having the ‘Hunter’s Chicken.’ Max chose the ‘Fish Cakes in the shape of a fish’. He looks relaxed and happy.


    1. I suppose it’s all right as long as the other guests aren’t too discomfited at the sight of a sissy looking ‘relaxed and happy’. My SO always prefers that my demeanour should never rise above ‘anxious’.

      Best wishes


  2. ”Max, did you enjoy the fish shaped like a fish?”

    ”Yes, goddess, very much. It was such fun being in a place that likes sissies. Most places seem to tolerate us as we are a fact of life now the USA is gynarchy run.”

    ”I know. The President is pushing through so many great reforms, curfews, no voting rights for men, ogling laws, upskirt laws, wedding laws, property laws. It is exiting, is what it is.”

    ”Oh yes goddess. I think it is a great improvement.”

    As we drove along in the new Lexus I looked across at Max and felt very proud of him. He has adapted to the new President and is a fan of the ‘First Sissy’, Thomas. He follows everything he says and loves his fashion sense. When Thomas wore a black skirt with large white spots, Max asked if I would buy him one too.

    There has been some unrest among the more traditionalist folk who think a woman can’t be President. They are mocked by the media and have a hard time being taken seriously by the TV media.

    As we arrive home, Max gathers his flowing skirt and hurries round the car to open my door.

    ”Thanks, sweetie. Go ahead and make some coffee. Good boy.”

    We drink coffee together and I allow Max to sit with me at the kitchen island. I switch on the TV news and President Olga is giving a speech.

    Olga: ”Friends we have come so far in the six short months my government has been in power. Men are beginning to learn that to be compliant and obedient leads to happiness and a sense of fulfilment for them. We see crime rates fall, we see shops able to cater for the tastes of women, even now a ‘burger’ is cut smaller and is a dainty treat, instead of being an obscene symbol of masculine gluttony. The curfew is a great success with women able to go out at night without fear of a man approaching her without being allowed. I will announce in the coming days even more innovative and women-friendly ideas and laws and I ask for your support and love.”

    There was wild cheering and clapping. The TV pundits were very supportive and enthusiastic.

    Max looked happy, he is such a big supporter of the gynarchy lifestyle.


      1. Like many things, Mr A, it’s only a hard limit until someone decides that it isn’t.

        I used to think I couldn’t do without my morning cup of coffee, for instance, but my SO taught me otherwise. As she likes to say: cups of coffee for males are like orgasms – in two ways. First, they’re actually much more enjoyable if they’re rationed and infrequent; and second, I don’t deserve one and probably never will, so I can cry as much as I like, it’s not going to make any fucking difference. Can’t argue with logic like that.

        Best wishes


    1. A lovely vision, Ms Zoe. Let’s hope hamburger resizing is indeed only the start. The menace of ‘manspreading’ on public transport, for instance, could be combatted by installing special seatbelts for male travellers, that fit snugly between the legs and can be tightened firmly to ensure that any package is packed away inside tightly-constrained thighs, rather than exposed to the world. Although in any case, in a well-run female-led society, I suspect males will very quickly learn that it’s a bad idea to adopt a position such as the classic ‘manspread’ in which genitals are exposed to any passing knee or boot.

      Best wishes


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