Play-related stress


Don’t worry, sissy, you won’t have to stay there the whole day.  Just most of the day.



Oh dear, I can never think of what to wish for in these situations…  I suppose there’s always ‘world peace’.





Her rod and staff… that’s the rod, you’re going to be be her staff.

I’m sure it’ll be a memorable honeymoon – but then, aren’t all honeymoons memorable, albeit in different ways?


More femdom stuff that’s out there and not much remarked upon: this talented chap (I’m assuming ‘chap’) draws things that are rather lovely if you’re into giantess fetish and possibly even if you are not.  He also reposts some vintage stuff which is reminiscent of the elegant and delightful Gibson Girls.

Desperate househusbands

Oh dear… the guys are sure to laugh at me now.  I mean… ‘LUT’.  Doesn’t mean anything does it?  How ridiculous.

I’m told that masturbating to porn can seriously diminish the male libido over the long run as well, so you just keep on doing what you’re doing, ‘k?
Actually, only one of them is going to be kissing in a very special place. Just after this conversation, the Mistresses decided it would be one orgasm between them, not one each.  But no jealousy, sissies – play nice!
My SO is very good at dealing with feelings of guilt, too.
Edwardian femdom. There’s not enough of it about, in my opinion.


Submissive husbands sometimes don’t realise how embarassing it must be for their partners to be married to such hopeless, pathetic losers.

She’s definitely one of those teachers that students will remember all their lives.

Another lady who takes pride in her work.  They say pride is a sin but I’m pretty sure that’s not supposed to include women.
As if she didn’t have one packed for the honeymoon already.

Sure, no rush. Pain’s pain, at any time.


They’ve all got it… oh never mind.

get reward points for spending on my SubbieCard. Every time I reach a
certain threshold – a multiple of £20, actually so it’s almost every
week – I get to drop into the bank and get slapped hard across the face.

I, on the other hand, fervently hope that she’s going to behave exactly like this when we’re married.

The time’s not wasted when it’s helping the marriage to work.

Goodness, that sounds quite scary. What a good thing there are so many competent women looking after it.

It’s a jungle out there. Much better off safe and sound behind bars.

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