Submissive husbands sometimes don’t realise how embarassing it must be for their partners to be married to such hopeless, pathetic losers.

She’s definitely one of those teachers that students will remember all their lives.

Another lady who takes pride in her work.  They say pride is a sin but I’m pretty sure that’s not supposed to include women.
As if she didn’t have one packed for the honeymoon already.

Sure, no rush. Pain’s pain, at any time.

0 thoughts on “Scornography”

  1. And after the thousandth they will be using the stuffed and mounted genitalia for throwing quoits over. I think the owner of the building even if he was letting it out and did not know t whom should get a look at the inside of a re education camp. After all he should be vigilant not to let it out to subversive males. Femsup

  2. Very glad to hear it. I wish I did. One day perhaps She'll leave the key lying around and I'll be able to find out what they feels like.

    Keep coming back (well, given your reaction, I guess you're in the course of receiving Pavolovian conditioning to do that anyay).


  3. Oh, I'm sure she'd want to move to another department long before number 1000, Femsup. After a while, it must get a bit samey doing the same job over and over. I met a castration nurse the other day and she told me the fun had long since gone out of it for her, the poor thing. It's mostly routine now, although she tries hard to look interested for the sake of her patients. After all, for them it's a very special occasion.

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