Goodness, no. Once would quite enough – look at that horrible thing!  You know, I’ve been resisting my SO’s demands to let Her act out Her castration fantasy for years but She just went on and on about it and I finally said yes.  But I was very firm. Once – just once, and then we’re not going to hear anything more about it, OK? So… that’s done.

Dog food looks awfully fatty but actually you can lose weight quite effectively on a diet of nothing else – particularly if you have difficulty keeping it down.

She’s been showing her love for you with various men for a while now, actually.  This just makes it official.

She makes a very valid point, there. I think you might have to agree with her. Always.

And right now Mistress would like to get the clients safely locked away, take off that ridiculous and uncomfortable clothing and put her feet up with a mug of hot chocolate for an evening in front of the TV, thank you very much.  So in you go.

3 thoughts on “Subjugatrices”

  1. > I've been resisting my SO's demands to let Her act out Her castration fantasy for years
    > but She just went on and on about it and I finally said yes

    So, how that went?

    (sry, repost because it does not set the checkmark "subscribe to comments" by default)

  2. As we'd agreed she could only do it once, I understand she's saving it for a special occasion. For my part, I feel that being castrated would be quite special in and of itself, but men and women often tend to see these things differently, I find.

    No problem about the repost. I think software designers sometimes fail to think through the fact that many of their users will be male and will thus get a lot of things wrong. Default options can be very useful, though – in a funny way, that's how my marriage works. We don't often need to discuss options.

    Best wishes


  3. I was chatting to my friend, Andrea. You may remember she is, like, a really clever girl. She got a first in some ‘science’ degree or something, I can’t remember what it was called.

    ”Hey, Max, what degree did Andrea get. You remember, babe.”

    ”I think it was Physics, goddess. I think it was. One of those really hard ones. She is so clever, ma’am.”

    ”Don’t you think I am ‘so clever’. Careful, Max.”

    ”Sorry goddess, didn’t mean anything.”

    Anyways, Andrea was saying she has bought a new house sissy. He was on ‘Pick-a- Sissy. Com’ and cost a lot of money, but he is black…so, they are always expensive. His name is like Alan or Adam or something.

    I have never spoken to her about sissy slaves but she is going to train him over the next three months before he is allowed to serve her in the house. He is housed in a cute shed with a bunk bed, toilet and even a chair, it is in the garden.

    ”Max, have you cleaned the bathroom? I need you to hurry because my guy, Luke is coming round to watch the new film on Netflix. Can you remember Andrea’s husband’s name, honey?”

    ”Goddess, his name is Hugo”

    ”Oh yes, Hugo, that is right, clever sissy.”

    Luke is a guy I met at a dinner party. He is, like, a surgeon or a nurse or something medical.


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