I’m sure he’d like to count the days.  Unfortunately, they keep the facility on a random sleep-eat-exercise-sleep cycle lasting anything from four to 48 hours, so he’ll have no idea how much time has passed.  Which is just as well, because she’s not actually going to be back in six months: that’s just a little white lie to avoid hurting his feelings.

I had this idea because I’m going diving next week.  But don’t worry – I’m not being fed to the sharks!  It’s all very safe.  My SO and I are going with these two lesbian friends of hers, one of whom is going to be my ‘dive buddy’.  It’s her job to check my tank has enough air, as well as to ensure the proper amount of lead weights are securely attached around my belt, wrists, ankles and neck.  So, yeah: perfectly safe.

It’s good to be a dog.

The pain from the spikes is all about her, too.

I made a similar point to my SO just the other day – wouldn’t it be better some time if I felt sorry of my own accord, instead of her having to make me feel sorry?  But after quite a vigorous discussion, I realised what a bad idea it was.

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  1. Isn't that what marriage is, a shock collar around the genitals, maybe more metaphoric but not much.

  2. The first time when the victim wanted that sharks have appeared quicker! 🙂

  3. Ah… you're a true romantic, Mr A. That's what the vanilla crowd just don't get about our lifestyle. I mean, when two vanilla people mary for love, the chances are that that love will be gone – what, six months after the wedding? But the voltage level on my collar is higher now than it was even on our wedding night, and my SO can still make me scream with pleasure. Sorry, I mean my SO can still make me scream, for pleasure.

    People who talk about how healthy it is for a couple to argue have obviously never had electrodes applied to their private parts.

  4. Oh, the main in that caption isn't a victim, Alex. He's the lucky one. The other guys he was with on the boat are being held back for the post-dive party. They're in for a hard time, I'm afraid.

  5. The shark caption is horrific but captivating. Ever since seeing the closing scene of the film "The Wicker Man" I've had an alarming fascination with being put to an agonising death in front of a laughing crowd of ecstatic women with the looks of Britt Ekland. You have now created a new fantasy for me to try in vain to get out of my head – oh dear.

  6. Oh dear, indeed. It's horrible isn't it? I can't imagine what kind of sick perverted mind comes up with these things, can you? Or what depraved characters come here to enjoy them. It's revolting.

    But thank you for commenting so kindly. Enjoy the sleepless nights.


  7. Thank you, enrico, for the kind comment. And thank You too, Mistress Kate, for allowing enrico some computer time to comment.

  8. I did check in the cloud and yep 1st mention of the category fed to sharks. What wonderful brutality. Very inventive with the dog too. And great to see the insuperable Ezada Sinn. And no it isn't. Femsup

  9. There has to be a first time for everything. I suddenly realised that the 'fed to sharks' fetish community was being woefully underserved by this blog and it was time to change that. Just wait for 'we love being fed to sharks!' week. You might have to wait a long time, but it'll be worth it.


    PS – you got me. It isn't what.

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