Bliss.  Link is, just for once, actually to something femdom-themed rather than random British music.  Really , honestly.  No, it’s not Rick Astley.  I promise.  Really – try it.  It’s a very sweet and sexy thing.*

I tried one of those virtual girlfriend programmes.  Something went wrong, though – after the first time I’d tried it, every time I started it up, the computer would just crash and shut down.  I thought it must be a bug so I called the helpline but the lady there just laughed and said she thought there was nothing wrong with the software and she put the phone down on me and blocked my number.  Computer-generated personalities can be startlingly lifelike these days, don’t you think?

Well, let’s hope she doesn’t just fall asleep as soon as she’s had her orgasm, this time.

Actually, most of my clothes these days are washable latex anyway.  The blood just rinses right off, so no harm done.
Fortunately, when you get near your own neighbourhood most people will already know that.

Even Hollywood megastars have to pay for some things themselves, huh? Still… I expect she can afford it.

* PS You thought it was going to be Rick Astley, didn’t you?  Don’t you trust me?  Just admit it – you don’t trust me, do you?  Trust’s important in BDSM.  I’m hurt now… and not in a good way.

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