Sorely mistaken

She enjoys a good laugh – and a good ballbusting, too. Sometimes she likes to enjoy them both together but today she seems to be in a more serious frame of mind.
If you don’t even have to pay for Option B, then I reckon it’s the deal of the century. I pay hundreds of pounds an hour for that.
It’s a dilemma. I’m sure they’ll do the right thing, in the end.
Aren’t males disgusting? No wonder he’s not allowed in the house.
You should be brave and go first, even if it is a bit dark and eerie. Don’t worry: she’ll be right behind you.

With apologies to those readers who aren’t really cellar fans.

She has to deal with so much nonsense…. you can’t imagine.There are some very sick websites out there that will just make up all kinds of hurtful stuff with no basis in reality, especially about a big star like Ann(i)e.

Emotional stupidity

In case you’re wondering why I am posting on a Thursday instead of the usual Friday, the answer is ‘rank incompetence – the idiot’s not even able to read a calendar properly, for goodness’ sake!’.

They say great art is 90% perspiration.
She’s a specialist in pain management.
Nice clean shoes – good job! Now, let’s have that chat.
Thank goodness they reminded him – how embarassing it would have been to have had to admit he’d forgotten the anniversay again.
Surprisingly unsurprisingly “People for the Ethical Treatment of Paypigs” just isn’t a thing.
She seems nice. My SO taught me the right way to do laundry by just whipping me without explanation every time it wasn’t right. We got there, but it was a lot of work for her, poor thing.

Play-related stress


Don’t worry, sissy, you won’t have to stay there the whole day.  Just most of the day.



Oh dear, I can never think of what to wish for in these situations…  I suppose there’s always ‘world peace’.





Her rod and staff… that’s the rod, you’re going to be be her staff.

I’m sure it’ll be a memorable honeymoon – but then, aren’t all honeymoons memorable, albeit in different ways?


More femdom stuff that’s out there and not much remarked upon: this talented chap (I’m assuming ‘chap’) draws things that are rather lovely if you’re into giantess fetish and possibly even if you are not.  He also reposts some vintage stuff which is reminiscent of the elegant and delightful Gibson Girls.

The unkindness of strangers

… and loved ones, for that matter.

Aww… she gave you an advisory warning.  Many new brides wouldn’t… she seems rather sweet.

Very fair point.  The unfair bit is that homosexuality’s illegal there, so not only do they force you to suck off other inmates, they give you an extra 20 years for it.

‘Normally’?   I’m normally out on the landing desperately hoping she’ll throw my trousers out after me at this point.   So… new situation.  Scrabble?

I hope she moves to a lower chair.

Actually, this is described quite clearly in Revelations.  You just have to read it with the Bible held at the correct angle, in the right light.  And Contemplate the Divine.

You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties

Happy relationships are all about boundaries.  Many newly-married men get a bit silly about not being able to lead the batchelor life any more, but are you really any ‘less free’ just because from now on you can’t do or say anything your wife disapproves of?  It’s just a different way of life, that’s all.

Rubbing up against a tree?  Sounds a bit kinky.

She seems nice.

Yes, let’s.

What a lovely film that was.  Especially the bath scene…

Hurtful thoughts

I think writing lines is a ridiculous and pointless, tedious activity and there are few things I hate doing more than writing lines for hours at her command.  I told her that just the other day.  500 times, in fact.

I did an interview once. Check it out if you want to find out about the real Servitor, behind the leather mask.  Don’t read it if the thought of knowing the real Servitor makes you nauseous.
Ooh – looks like there might be a consciousness-raising session coming on!

There wasn’t much to begin with.
I often have ‘plenty to complain about’.  Regretably, I’m not allowed so it all goes to waste.

The strength of a woman

You know, I’ve forgotten what I was going to ask about now. Often happens.  Oh well.

Remarkably, with that sniper rifle she can give herself an orgasm with an man who is anything up to a kilometre away.

Medical opinion is divided on the advisability of gagging castration patients during their operations.  On the one hand, there are those who say it’s best to shut the bastards up; but on the other, there are surgeons who get off on the screaming.  The debate continues, in the medical journals.

First dates can often be a bit embarassing… just go with it.

Busy busy.

Callous talk

…doesn’t cost lives, in my experience, rather a few hundred pounds stuffed into an envelope and left closed but not sealed within the bag containing a gift.

Oh, he’s got nothing else to do down there in the basement.  Might as well have some fun with him.

Large vagina humiliation.  It’s the latest thing in the female submission world. I’d be really good at it, but sadly I have no dominant instincts.
I don’t think the verbal reasoning test should have much weight. The job mostly involves responding to simple, clear instructions.

I think it’s outrageous that convicted rapists receive free medical treatment anyway, actually. They should stop mollycoddling them like that – it’s supposed to be a pumishment, after all.

She’d take some of the other men with her too – the ones who know that no one will be coming for them within the three days – but Angie would object. She says one man around the home is enough, possibly even more than enough.

Good manners never hurt anyone

Bad manners, on the other hand, can you leave you sore for days.

See what I mean about good manners? He’s approaching the conversation in a polite, respectful way.  I am sure she’ll give him a fair hearing and explain the reasons for her decision, in return.

Now this looks like an example of someone going all sulky and silly about things. She offered him a choice.  She didn’t have to but she did.  If he won’t respond graciously to that then… well, there will be consequences, let’s just say that and leave it there.
She’s very keen on good manners.  Impossible girl.
See how fair they’re being?  They’re going to calmly debate it and they’ll only keep on whipping him if it’s what the majority wants to do. I hope he’ll accept the decision graciously, even if it’s not what he wanted. Not that it affects anything, whether he accepts it or not, but it’s more polite.

My SO went to the Caribbean. – Jamaica?-  No, of course not. I don’t get to tell her what to do – I’m her slave.

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