Good manners never hurt anyone

Bad manners, on the other hand, can you leave you sore for days.

See what I mean about good manners? He’s approaching the conversation in a polite, respectful way.  I am sure she’ll give him a fair hearing and explain the reasons for her decision, in return.

Now this looks like an example of someone going all sulky and silly about things. She offered him a choice.  She didn’t have to but she did.  If he won’t respond graciously to that then… well, there will be consequences, let’s just say that and leave it there.
She’s very keen on good manners.  Impossible girl.
See how fair they’re being?  They’re going to calmly debate it and they’ll only keep on whipping him if it’s what the majority wants to do. I hope he’ll accept the decision graciously, even if it’s not what he wanted. Not that it affects anything, whether he accepts it or not, but it’s more polite.

My SO went to the Caribbean. – Jamaica?-  No, of course not. I don’t get to tell her what to do – I’m her slave.

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  1. Looking and slowly moving their lips as they try to figure out what all the little squiggles mean. Men, eh? They'd run the world, if they weren't so stupid, lazy, clumsy, incompetent and untrustworthy.

  2. Such entrepenurial zest. I can just see her on Dragons Den trying to sell the concept and the Women buying into it and the males saying "And for that reason I'm out" but poor dears they are going to be on that planation. Great that you understand how the world runs Femsup

  3. Yes indeed. I understand business-owners in Bangladesh, Philippines and other places are becoming increasingly concerned about being undercut by Western businesses using enslaved male submissives. I mean, how can you compete with a factory where the workers put in 18 hours a day for the price of some near-rotting vegetables and an occasional can of dog food?

  4. Brilliant. Highlights the exploitation of the third world. But those new British male workers also have the chance to lick boots. Femsup

  5. Si je peux me permettre de penser, je crois que passer sa vie à lécher les Bottes d'une Dame, la servir en tant qu'esclave et la vénérer est la meilleure chose qui puisse arriver à un homme.

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